Okay, so trying to come up with something new when it comes to Cognac is pretty challenging. Prunier Cognac have certainly made the effort when it comes to their new limited edition, the Prunier Cognac ‘Claire’ Carafe Rare Reserve. It’s being marketed as a ‘collector’s carafe’, limited to 500 decanters.

New Product Release: Prunier Cognac ‘Claire’ Limited Edition

The masters behind Prunier Cognac certainly know a thing or two about their trade; they’ve been around since 1701. The Prunier ‘Claire’ Limited Edition Cognac is the creation of the Master Blender, Stephane Burnez, along with his daughter, Claire. Aha – the name of the bottle becomes clear.

‘Claire’ is presented in, we have to say, a stunning traditional crystal carafe. The design is a replica of an antique glass jug owned by the family Prunier – one that has been in regular use over the decades for family dining. This carafe sits cosily inside a presentation box, and there are two small drawers beneath. One contains the crystal stopper for the bottle. The other contains something quite different – a pocket of glass beads.

New Product Release: Prunier Cognac ‘Claire’ Limited Edition

So what are these for? Well, every time you pour cognac from the decanter, the volume of liquid is replaced by air. Over time, this excess of air causes oxidation to the cognac, resulting in deterioration of the quality. In years gone by, glass beads were added to the decanter or bottle to replace this air, so helping to maintain the quality of the cognac. The presentation box also contains a book that explains more about the wonders (and secrets) of the house of Prunier Cognac.

New Product Release: Prunier Cognac ‘Claire’ Limited Edition

Also included in the presentation box is a family tree of Prunier Cognac – dating all the way back to the beginning in 1701.

New Product Release: Prunier Cognac ‘Claire’ Limited Edition

So what does it taste like? Well, we’ve not had the chance to try it ourselves, but Prunier say of their product: “This is an excellent example of the style of Cognac Prunier. In addition, it reflects our own tasting preferences – elegant, refined, complex, and relatively light on the tannin for a cognac of which the average age is about 35 years”.

New Product Release: Prunier Cognac ‘Claire’ Limited Edition

The cognac is said to be very fruity, with hints of dried fruit and citrus peel that linger on the nose and mouth. As to be expected of a cognac of this age, you’ll find rancio, along with tangs of almond, liquorice, coffee and even a hint of leather.

Prunier Cognac says that Cognac ‘Claire’ is the first in a planned series of collector’s products.   In fact, the names of the next two have already been revealed (and are dedicated to the 11th generation of Prunier Cognac) – they are to be called ‘Alice’ and ‘Agathe’.

As of yet we don’t have the price for the Prunier Cognac ‘Claire’ Carafe. But as soon as we do, we’ll update right away.

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Sources:  cognacprunier.fr

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New Product Release: Prunier Cognac ‘Claire’ Limited Edition

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