Polignac Reserve VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac consists of 100% Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie.

Cognac Polignac Reserve

Here are the tasting notes of Prince Hubert de Polignac Reserve VSOP Grande Champagne:

The color: golden nuances
On the nose: typically flower intensive and fruit notes.
The taste: delicious soft, fruity, floral iris;  some hints of gingerbread
The Finish: quite round, slightly sharp aftertaste
The Cru: 100% Grande Champagne
The price is  about 50 dollars
Unfortunately the age is not that clear. It is a VSOP, meaning that it must be at least 4 1/2 years old Cognac.

There are some awards the Eaux-de-vie won: Silver Medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2009; Silver Medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2008,  Silver Medal at the “Saveurs Poitou-Charentes” in 2007, Gold Medal mention “Best in Class” at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2006.

The Cognac is named after one of France’s ancient noble families: The Polignac clan.

The origins of the family date back to 860 with Armand 1er de Polignac.

Known members of the family were Cardinal De Polignac (ambassador to Poland and Rome in the 17th century), Countess Yolande de Polignac (a friend of Marie Antoinette) and Prince Jules de Polignac (used to serve under Charles X). Over the centuries, several members of the family played  significant roles in French History.

Prince Hubert de Polignac allowed the company Mounier to use his name for the product. Later on in 1947, the name Hubert de Polignac was officially registered as trademark. The prince himself promoted the Cognac by traveling to all important Cognac markets and countries.

Prince Albert de Polignac in India

In 1959, Polignac became the official Cognac of the Court of His Majesty the King of Denmark, thanks to the Russian Prince Alexis Louis de Wenden.

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Prince Hubert de Polignac Reserve VSOP Grande Champagne

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    I have a bottle of prince Hubert de polignac I received in 1984 was told it was 50 years old then. It’s been laying down in cellar temperature, trying to find out if it’s worth anything or should I drink it? Thanks can send pictures?

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