We asked our readers: If Barrack Obama would drink Cognac, what kind of Cognac and which Cognac brand would he pick? We know it, but come on! It’s a fun thing.

Thank you for the answers so far, and if you have an opinion – use the comments below at the bottom of this article.

Barack Obama

Here are some answers:

  • Khary Heem a.k.a Hennesey !
  • Jimmie HENNY

  • Raymond Remy

  • Robert Hennessy Privilege

  • Felix Paradis or Richard. He has the $ for it and a hell of a job.

  • Daniel Hennessy a niggas favorite cognac !!

  • Gerald Perhaps,some good, Kelt or Remy XO.

  • Peter One would hope that he would have better taste than to drink something as common as Hennessy; perhaps only drinking something like that if he wanted to be seen as one of the ordinary folk – because let’s face it Hennessy is a VERY ordinary …cognac. No, the most powerful man in the world should drink something special, something that is available to only a few, not something made for the masses. There are about 400 cognac producers out there who make some wonderful products, most are much more interesting than Hennessy, I would suggest he starts at A E Dor and works his way through to Viti-Oleron and then starts all over again.
  • Rod Salud, Mr. President.

  • Andre Remy, because He’s smooth like that.

  • Mike I would think remy Martin on the weekdays. on the weekends he prolly steps it up with a nice snifter of Louis XIII. Oh, and a side of kush rolled in a strawberry Dutch! Ma nigga’…

  • Colby Louie da 13th

  • Conrad Remy Martin Cognac Black Pearl Louis XIII…
  • Bart Obama is rare, so he would pick a rare one! something old a good hors d’age or even older! nothing comercial!
  • Khary ‎@mike I like your style !
  • Derrick remy martin of course..
  • Sean Hennessy Black Fa Sho…..
  • Porsche Hennessy XO
  • Anthony Hennesy blaq
  • Deon Hennessy White!
  • Delroy That nigga gettin wavy off that remi grand crù
  • Mike he prolly sipped henny back in chicago… this nigga’ is the prez! he’s drinkin the smoothest of the smoothest, and the stickiest of the ickiest…
  • Intelius One paid for by the tax payers no doubt!
  • Robert He would drink Hennessy X
  • Daniel Do you think he even knows what Cognac is? I mean he thought Austrian was a language
  • Adore I think this advertisement does Obama a disservice.´
  • Jean Daniel, i think so, however does he like it?
  • Dominic Camus XO
  • Sharon a smooth tasting one!
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    Max is a spirits expert and speaker, into marketing, technology, startups, and business development. He’s also a farmer. He likes tools and machines, Game of Thrones, and Better Call Saul. Included in his Top 10 Cognacs are the Audry XO and Bache Gabrielsen 1973.Max founded Cognac Expert in 2010 at his family’s estate in Poullignac, in the Cognac region, France. Started as a blog, today Cognac Expert is the world’s largest website about all things Cognac, a blog, and a specialized online shop featuring 800+ different Cognac bottles.


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      Why are most people seduced by the marketing might of the big name brands and falling into their traps of believing that very ordinary cognacs – with huge profit margins – are somehow better than smaller producers’ products which are much finer, as well as cheaper? If you priced a turd at $1,000,000 someone would buy it because they would think it art – but it is still a turd…

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      Obama is rare, so he would pick a rare one! something old a good hors d’age or even older! nothing comercial!

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      He’d make his own brand and call it BarrognacJuda

    4. Avatar

      L’or de Jean Martell definitely. The top of the top.

    5. Avatar

      If Obama could pick an actual cognac, he would pick one made by a small family operation that had a compelling story behind it, something about hard work and adversity and innovation. He’s always doing things like that. Cognac Expert editors – here is where we need your input! We don’t know the small family operations like you do. Who is a good example?

      But politically, he could not afford to support anything French over anything American – the right wing would tear him apart. So cognac is out. He’d have to go with a domestic brandy. And I see no reason why he would not pick the special expression that Germain-Robin, official supplier to the White House, made exclusively for the White House. See article at the bottom.

      I recommend Germain-Robin’s XO, by the way. It’s light and clean and livelier and more floral than most cognacs I’ve tried. It is superbly balanced and delicious. It has a high percentage of pinot noir in it, which no cognac could have by law, so we’re dealing with something different here. If you want to try something that goes in a slightly different and interesting direction but still shines with the quality and craftsmanship of a fine XO cognac, give it a try. If I had to criticize it, I’d say it could use a little more burn, to communicate a bit more depth. Still very good though.

      I didn’t think much of their VSOP equivalent I have to say (“Fine Alambic Brandy”, ~$50). It was kind of rough and harsh compared to its cognac peers, with a hint of something on the initial nosing reminiscent of some kind of petroleum distillate, like a solvent or paint thinner or the like. That fades after a bit, leaving something vaguely floral and more honeyed behind. There are better cognacs out there for the price if you ask me, or even for a bit cheaper. You’ll read a lot of good things about it online though, so clearly tastes vary.


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      Maggie Cole

      he would probably drink one a Maine Giraud XO….after all he is a poet!

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      Cognac Expert

      @Eric: If he would pick a smaller producer, he would go for one of the smaller mentioned here, for example Maggie’s post: Maine Giraud. We know the cognac distillery & farm and it’s indeed a very interesting history and background for a cognac producer. But there are many others.

    8. Avatar
      The Buckmaster

      President Obama drinks only Armagnac, no cognac whatsoever! None! Men of great power and prestige do not drink cognac! That is why so much less Armagnac is produced, only for the greatest of the elites. Yes, anyone can buy Armagnac, but the vast majority of the unwashed masses drink cognac. Armagnac appeals to the tastes of great men and the tastes of great men appeal to Armagnac!

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