The Union of Pineau producers held its general meeting two days ago in Cognac (Charente).

There are 370 producers and the production was at 97,252 hectoliters in 2009. The producers claim the introduction of a performance Pineau. Union president Jean-Marie Baillif fights for Pineau which is “65 times better than flavored wine!”

Union of Pineau producers

“Vins de liquer” (fortified wines) currently share the same struggle, whether it’s from Gascogne or Charentes.

Corinne Lacoste Bayens represented the union of producers of Floc de Gascogne in the general meeting – and that’s not the first time.

It’s been fifteen years now, liqueur wines were victims of quite unequal taxation systems. This is the movement which wants to change that – already the prices of Pineau are so low: Wine growers and Pineau producers are not at all happy.

Rage against the taxes: Pineau producers gather to fight

“We must stick together. I am proud of the motivation of members. “

said Corinne Lacoste Bayens.

And the president of the Pineau producers adds:

“This movement can only be collective. Everyone must stick together now.”

Good news is coming from the Jura region, where producers are about to prepare themselves for a tax strike. But even when united, the fortified wine production still represents a tiny part of the French wine production.

The producers trusted some ministers in Paris but they are frustrated: They do not get the support the want. They have to start from zero.

A certain optimism remains. Christian Baudry, President of the confédération des vins de liqueur AOC says:

“For a long time, we were told we had to protect our natural sweet wines against the Porto. Now, the natural-sweet wine producers are a minority, even in the Roussillon area. And Vermouth, Martini, Cinzano, Suze etc. have changed their methods of production to be taxed as wine, means: they have to pay far less taxes” that is to say very little, “notes . He said the legislature can not remain ice face this imbalance more evident.

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Rage against the taxes: Pineau producers gather to fight

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