You can tell it’s the run up to Christmas, as we’re happy to report about yet another new product to the market that will spice up your festive celebrations.

This time it’s the turn of Bisquit Cognac, who’ve taken a slightly different twist and are proud to reintroduce their Pineau des Charentes to the market.


Most of you are probably familiar with this ‘little brother of cognac,’ but just to refresh your memories, Pineau is a an aperitif that’s made from young eaux-de-vie, mixed with fresh grape juice and then aged in oak barrels for at least 18 months.  Pineau is a centuries old product but today its production is now controlled by the AOC, in a similar way to the production of cognac itself.  You can read more about Pineau-des-Charentes here.

Bisquits Pineau comes in both white and red varieties (blanc and rouge), and is a delightfully different way to enjoy the taste of cognac.  It’s usual to sip cognac at the end of a meal, but with Pineau the idea is to enjoy it as an aperitif before the meal or after the appetizer as a palate cleanser and to refresh the appetite.

Denis Lahouratate, the Maitre de Chai of Bisquit Cognac, says of their latest product, “With our Pineau des Charentes, cognac connoisseurs can savour the rich intensity of the Bisquit bouquet.”

As of yet we’re not sure of the price that Bisquit Pineau des Charentes will retail at, but as soon as we do we’ll let you know…

Read more about Bisquit Cognac here.

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New Product: Cognac Bisquit Release a Range of Pineau Des Charentes

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