Yesterday, 16th February 2012, saw Pernod Ricard announce its best half year figures since the crisis of 2008.

With growth turnover up 8 per cent to 4.6 billion euros and net profit up 20 per cent to 820 million euros, the producer of Martell Cognac can thank the bulk of the growth to sales in Asia and the Travel Retail market.  Sales are strong in various Asian countries, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam and India.  This area boasts growth of 15 per cent.

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The rest of the world saw more modest rises, with the USA up 1 per cent and Europe up 2 per cent.  However, sales in France saw a massive increase of 25 per cent.  However this was mainly due to distributors purchasing three to four months’ worth of stock in anticipation of the tax hike on spirits.  If this is taken out of the equation then the figure is a far more realistic 1 per cent.

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Pernod Ricard and Martell Cognac on Top Form

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