You know when a product really is a must have item when the unique qualities of it are ‘borrowed’ and used by other items. And when it comes to cognac, this is so very true right now. After all, we all know that cognac is the only product that describes its quality as VS, VSOP and XO, etc. but it now appears that certain other items are utilising those very same acronyms.

From perfumes to beauty products, shoes to colognes, it seems that everyone wants to jump on the cognac bandwagon. And this can only be a good thing for the cognac industry. Because, as they say, imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery…

So let’s take a look at some of the luxury ‘cognac inspired’ products on the market today.

Tom Daxon VSOP Shower Gel

This has got to be the ultimate in men’s grooming products. Designed specifically for the connoisseur, this shower gel’s advertising blurb says that using the gel recreates the setting of ‘whiling away an evening with a good cognac’.


The gel boasts a green citrus note, with gentle spices, warm musks and silky cashmeran. Sounds good enough to drink, don’t you think? And with a retail price of around £30 sterling (approx. $47 US dollars), it carries a price tag worthy of a cognac as well…

Tom Daxon VSOP Eau de Parfum Unisex Fragrance

Appealing to both men and women, this Tom Daxon fragrance certainly looks the part. Presented in a bottle with clean-cut lines, the aroma is of cognac, spices and woods. It’s quite pricy, at £105 (approx. $165), but has been popular since its release in 2013. All of Tom Daxon’s VSOP products are produced in Grasse, France – a region famous for its perfumes – before being allowed to mature in the UK for a minimum of 6 weeks before being bottled.



Hennessy VSOP x Buscemi Sneakers

Who’d ever have thought that Hennessy could be combined with a shoe! But this is exactly what’s happened with a unique collaboration between Hennessy VSOP Privilege and design house, Jon Buscemi. Created especially for the 2014 Art Basel Miami, Hennessy and Buscemi host the ‘Decanted’ gallery.


This is an uber-exclusive footwear and accessory line designed between the two top names. In addition, visitors will enjoy a Hennessy VSOP Privilege tasting session.


The sneakers are made in Italy in calf leather, with 24 carat gold locks hanging from the back.

Other items in the collection include a bottle porter, coasters, tote bag, hag and leather cinch bag.


But for us mere mortals who might fancy a sneak peek, we’ll have to just enjoy the pictures, because this event is only for VIP ‘Influencers’ and on an invitation only basis. And that might well make the Hennessy VSOP x Buscemi Sneakers and other accessories some of the most sought after fashion accessories around today.

Cognac Perfumes and Aftershaves

Yep – exactly as the name suggests, these are perfumes that contain actual drops of our beloved eaux-de-vie. And you might be surprised to realise quite how many of them are on the market. These include the following:

Eau de la Favourite by DSH Perfumes




Tobacco Cognac by House of Cherry Bomb



Cognac Aftelier



Established Cognac by Krigler.



We think perfumes and aftershaves containing cognac are fabulous.  After all, it means we can enjoy the aromas of our favourite drink even when we’re not enjoying a tipple.  And that, for a lover of cognac, can only be a good thing…



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Cognac: Perfumes, shower gels and shoes

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