Hello there! Today you can win a Frapin fragrance: Frapin, a cognac maker that also creates perfumes. We thought: Now that is interesting. Perfume produced by a cognac house. When we were at Vinexpo this year we received a sample from Frapin – and we must say, some of these perfumes are quite good!

You can participate in this competition, and win one out of seven different Frapin fragrances. Just tell us what parallels you see between making fragrances and creating & blending cognacs – please write a comment below and of course don’t forget to leave your email adress (which will not be published).


We’ll pick the 12 most original ideas & comments, there are 12 items to win in total. The competition ends on 2.1.2012, 8pm Paris time.

So if you have an orginal sentence or answer you can think of – or some deep thoughts, please share!

Seven Frapin Perfumes

The house of Frapin, a very well known cognac house, is also active in the art of perfumery.

Like cognac, perfumes are a composition of different fragrances. All of Frapin’s perfumes are unisex – they can be worn by men and women. There are 7 different perfumes (ranging between €96 – €140):

This perfume is dedicated to one of the most “most illustrious member of the dynasty”, François Rabelais: L’Humaniste. “A shot of gin laced with citrus, spices and herbs anchored by soft tonka bean makes it.”

Passion Boisée
A warm Christmas perfume: “The burning spices in a glass of rum. The smoothness of a leather armchair or of a jacket worn soft by years of love.”


This perfume is a tribute to the Frapin family, who settled in Charente in the year of 1270 – and a major reference to the grape variety of Folle Blanche, a grape that used to be very popular in the cognac region.

Terre de Sarment
A fragrance, as a reference to the Château Fontpinot, the heart and home of the family of Frapin since the 13th century.

This perfume is a tribute to the achievement that Pierre Frapin gained the right to bear a coat of arms, granted by Louis XIV. “Spice-lashed rum, boozy dried fruit and a floral bouquet soaked in a rich wood, amber and leather base.”

Caravelle Epicée
“Nutmeg and patchouli from Indonesia; pepper and sandalwood from India; pimiento, tobacco and gaiac wood from the Americas?”

Esprit de Fleurs

The perfume “Spirit of Flowers” is dominated by Iris, jasmine and rose, enhanced “with a splash of citrus on top, plum and vanilla to flesh it out, on a classic oakmoss, patchouli and vetiver base.”

Read more about the house of Cognac Frapin or discover Frapins Perfume site
You can participate in this competition, and win one out of seven different Frapin fragrances. Just tell us what parallels you see between making fragrances and creating & blending cognacs – please write a comment below and of course don’t forget to leave your email adress (which will not be published).
Please write your answers via posting a comment, below.

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  1. Avatar

    Well, like cognac, Perfume is something you need to blend.. which needs time. It’s about composing a fragrance, a taste a direction and a signature!

  2. Avatar

    Wow.. I’d really like to win the “Passion Boisée”, the description sounds fantastic.

    Soo… parallels between congnac and perfume: the nose! it’s all about the fragrance, the most important thing is the nose – sweet, dry or flower.. a cognac blender must have the fine nose as a perfume maker!

  3. Avatar

    both cognac and fragrances come in a beautiful bottle, with precious content.. and from a family with generations of tradition!

  4. Avatar

    yes, I WANT one of those. here comes my answer:

    like cognac, perfumes needs lots of time
    different fragrances, flower, honey, lime
    the man behind it needs a great nose and tradition,
    to get one of those perfumes, that’s my mission.

  5. Avatar
    Marvin Gordon

    I’ll keep it simple and say they both go hand in hand a smooth and elegant cognac and a lovely fragrance. Oh did I mention it would be nice if you guys sent me a bottle of that perfume.

  6. Avatar

    It’s almost the same. You have the raw materiel, that you have to refine to perfection, then you need the expertise of an “masterblender” with an amazing nose and a vision and a mind like an artist. Only then you can achieve a fragrance that gives customer the emotions like serenite, joy, hope, attraction, returning and forgotten memories…. and maybe… maybe vision of something unseen.

  7. Avatar
    Tim Pingelton

    I think Frapin has been making perfumes since 1270, when they started vintning at Fontpinot Castle. Smell, in my opinion, dominates in organoleptic testing, and any cognac tasting that omits scent impressions is worthless.

  8. Avatar

    Cognac and perfume have in common “un je ne sais quoi” of typical french touch, a touch of class of course !

  9. Avatar

    Sum of All Parts
    Beautifully Blended
    Creates Pleasurable Aroma
    Brings Pleasure to the Palate

  10. Avatar

    Both need time & creativity, and offer scent, savour, spices. It’s all about emotion and seduction, all about creating something that challenges our senses – something that is not easy to describe, but easy to love.

  11. Avatar
    Mike Castillo

    Both Cognac & fragrances need to leave a lasting impression and simply be smooth & pleasant. Easy on the senses.

  12. Avatar

    I love Hennessey! My favorite is to add it to a cup of hot tea! Yummy!! This is a cool giveaway, I didn’t realize there was a line of perfumes too…sounds heavenly!

  13. Avatar
    Johan Swedberg

    I think both celebrate life and creativity. Taking what nature offers us and refining it into something we can enjoy. Something that by it´s aroma can bring back memories and places when we smell it. That´s why it takes an art to blend cognac and perfume, you must now how to combine the ingredients to get that final fantastic product. Much as a painter creates a painting with just basic colors or a chef makes a mind blowing meal of food ingredients

  14. Avatar
    Per Andersson

    Both perfume and cognac making is about passion, feeling and the art of blending, blending ingredients with high quality and specific characteristics and finding a balance between these different ingredients. Making the ingredients enhancing each other, bringing forward a new deep dimension and making the sum (the finished perfume or cognac) greater than the sum of its parts. And both cognac and perfume bring forward emotions

  15. Avatar

    Add each ingredient in carefully worked out amount to get splendid result.

  16. Avatar
    Petra Andersson

    I believe that the similarity between cognac making and perfume making is the use of the senses to create something that in the end is intended to effect our senses in a fantastic and exploring way

  17. Avatar

    Well both are the product of a distillation and blending. And both perfume and Cognac are both expressions of culture, style and luxury

  18. Avatar

    The nose is the most important parallel between cognac and perfume. the composition, the balance between different aromas.. and finally the packaging, the bottle is very important for cognac but also for perfumes.

  19. Avatar

    Both are distilled and blended, there is balance between different aromas and ingredients, they are an art form and the packaging is very important.

  20. Avatar

    creating cognac IS making the best possible use of fragrances

  21. Avatar
    Jan Erik

    The top notes of a perfume is like the smelling of a cognac, it should be intriguing and make you to want more.
    Middle notes can be compared to having cognac rolling over the tongue.
    And the base note is the aftertaste, which really defines the quality.

    When making fragrance and blending cognac the signature is created from the combination of this notes.

    And the best thing is that there is one for every occasion!

  22. Avatar
    Van Nguyen

    Both have to harvest, blended, aging, bottling in order to have the best fragrance

  23. Avatar
    Cognac Expert

    Hello there – we’re going to announce the winners early next week! Winners will receive an email to be noticed. Good luck to all the participants!

  24. Avatar
    Cognac Expert

    Hi there! The following participants won and just received an email. Thanks to everyone for taking part.


  25. Avatar
    Cognac Expert

    Hi Andreas and Hervé: we’ve gotten feedback from some of the winners that they received their perfumes. It should arrive soon!

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