Thursday, 18 September saw the 9th consecutive annual charity auction, La Part des Anges, take place in Bassac Abbey, Cognac. As ever, the event saw the great and good of the cognac industry come together for an evening of fun and generosity, all in the name charity.  All the proceeds from this year’s event are going to the charity, Children in Crisis.

Part des Anges 2014

Each year, various cognac houses donate collectable bottles of Cognac to be auctioned to aficionados and collectors alike. And La Part des Anges has proven such a success over the years that it’s now firmly ensconced in the industry’s annual calendar.

This year saw all records broken, with 650 people attending and spending a total of 237,600 € on the 25 bottles that were auctioned.  Another first for this year’s event was the ability to bid online.  This meant that even those who were unable to attend could be in with a chance of winning their chosen bottle.

Part des Anges 2014

The record breaker for the evening was the ‘Rémy Martin Cognac 290th Anniversary Coupe’.  This unique cognac was created by Pierrette Trichet (long time cellar master who recently handed over the reins to Baptiste Loiseau).  To celebrate the house’s 290th anniversary, a single magnum decanter of this Cellar Master’s Perpetual Reserve was presented for sale encased in a lacquered wooden casket.  One of a kind, it’s no wonder this was the top lot of the auction, reaching a breathtaking 39,000 €.

Part des Anges 2014

Beyond that the Part des anges auction According to the BNIC, “these awards are presented to leading personalities, journalists and authors who have a particular passion for cognac and drive distinctive initiatives in promoting cognac.” As you’ll all remember, in 2013 won the Cognac Writer of the Year award. This year it was Mr Camper of Alcademics who was awarded as Cognac Writer of the Year. Beyond that, not to forget, Thierry Daniel and Eric Fossard of Salon Cocktails Spirits in Paris were awarded as Cognac Personalities of the Year.

Finally here is a complete breakdown of the rest of the cognac lots, and the prices realized:

Baron Otart Cognac 

Private Archives of Chateau de Cognac

Estimated sale price: 3,000 € – Actual sale price: 3,700 €


Normandin-Mercier Cognac

Grand Champagne in Zinao Sculpture

Estimated sale price: 2,000 € – Actual sale price: 2,500 €


Gautier Cognac

Gautier Origine

Estimated sale price: 2,500 € – Actual sale price: 2,000 €


Merlet Cognac

L’Esprit de Guy

Estimated sale price: 800 € – Actual sale price: 2,000 €


Hardy Cognac

“Hommage’ Carafe Lalique Treves

Estimated sale price: 6,000 € – Actual sale price: 12,500 €


DEAU Cognac 

L.V.O La Vie en Or, First Edition

Estimated sale price: 4,500 € – Actual sale price: 6,000 €


Braastad Cognac 

Unique bottle selected especially for the auction

Estimated sale price: 2,000 € – Actual sale price: 9,000 €


Leopold Gourmel Cognac

Decanter Grande Champagne Extra

Estimated sale price: 500 € – Actual sale price: 2,000 €


Frapin Cognac

Grande Champagne

Estimated sale price: 5,000 € – Actual sale price: 11,000 €


Larsen Cognac

Commemoration Drakkar 1952

Estimated sale price: 2,000 € – Actual sale price: 4,000 €


Pierre Ferrand Cognac

Pierre Ferrand 1914: The Last Cask

Estimated sale price: 3,500 € – Actual sale price: 6,000 €


Martell Cognac

The Queen’s Decanter

Estimated sale price: 10,000 € – Actual sale price: 16,000 €


Meukow Cognac

Meukow Palme d’Or, Part des Anges Selection

Estimated sale price: 4,500 € – Actual sale price: 11,000 €


ABK6 Cognac 

A Single Cask from a Single Estate Cognac

Estimated sale price: 5,000 € – Actual sale price: 5,500 €


Hennessy Cognac

Edition Particuliere

Estimated sale price: 20,000 € – Actual sale price: 21,000 €


Hine Cognac

Hine Grande Champagne Cognac, Millesime 1964

Estimated sale price: 5,000 € – Actual sale price: 12,000 €


Rémy Martin Cognac 

Remy Martin 290th Anniversary Coupe from the Cellar Master’s Perpetual Reserve

Estimated sale price: 15,000 € – Actual sale price: 39,000 €


Chateau Montifaud Cognac 

Le Paradis

Estimated sale price, 3,200 € – Actual sale price: 2,500 €


Courvoisier Cognac

 L’Esprit de Josephine

Estimated sale price: 8,000 € – Actual sale price: 9,500 €


Dupuy Cognac 

Auguste Decanter No. 1

Estimated sale price: 2,800 € – Actual sale price: 11,000 €


Delamain Cognac 

Delamain 1964, 50 Year Old, Grande Champagne Cognac Bottle No 1/1

Estimated sale price: 1,200 € – Actual sale price: 11,000 €


Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac 

Polignac Ancestral

Estimated sale price: 6,000 € – Actual sale price: 26,000 €


Louis Royer Cognac

Louis Royer Family Collection, Fine Champagne

Estimated sale price: 1,500 € – Actual sale price: 2,100 €


Godet Cognac


Estimated sale price: 1,100 € – Actual sale price: 3,300 €



Francois Voyer Cognac 

Collection Personnelle Lot No 5, 100% Grande Champagne 1er Cru

Estimated sale price: 1,500 € – Actual sale price: 2,200 €


 Œuvre d’art “Les Larmes de Cognac” (“Teardrops of Cognac”)

Estimated sale price: 1,600 € – Actual sale price: 5,000 €

Part des Anges 2014: a record breaking year
Sources:,, Copyright of the images: ©BNIC

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Part des Anges 2014: a record breaking year

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