Otard Cognac one of the most important Cognac producers. Here comes a slightly sharp but complex VSOP Cognac.

Otard VSOP Fine Champagne: Bottle review

The Otard VSOP Fine Champagne consists of eaux-de-vie of the Grande and Petite Champagne – the combination is known as Fine Champagne. The blend consists of at least 50% of the Grande Champagne zone.

The tasting notes of the Otard VSOP Fine Champagne are:

The color: golden
On the nose: floral notes, tobacco, spices and slight vanilla, that returns “dans la bouche”
The taste: not as agressive as the nose, vanilla still present. Pretty complex for a VSOP.
The finisher: the taste is long and balanced, low notes of spice and vanilla are present
The areas: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne.
The age: At least 8 year old eaux-de-vie, blended with maximum 10 year old Cognac.
The price: about $40
Quite a good price/value ratio.

In 1968, Otard created the original bottle. The design is inspired by the Cognac itself: When cognac is swirled in a snifter, to let the aromas work, there is a fine film which slowly runs down the glass – called “weeping”. Those “tears” apparently inspired the form and design of the Otard bottle.

The house of Otard was founded in 1795 by Jean-Baptiste Antoine Otard.

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Otard VSOP Fine Champagne: Bottle review

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  1. Avatar
    linda forster

    im trying to buy my husband a bottle of otard brandy conac for xmas, but im finding it hard to find somewhere to purchase it, can you help me please i would appreciate this so much.

  2. Avatar
    patricia avey

    I leave in South Africa and i have been trying to by some bottles but with no luck. I’ m in france at the moment and would like to by at least a bottle. I’m in Bordeaux. Please let me know were can i get it.

  3. Avatar
    Cognac Expert

    @Patricia, you should go to cognac only boutique.

    18 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau
    33000 Bordeaux

  4. Avatar

    Looking to buy Otard VSOP fine champagne cognac (grande or petite).
    Do you have any contacts?

  5. Avatar
    William Klipper

    Hello, I have a old bottle of Cognac for my Grand parents bar that closed in the early 60’s ?.I’m trying to find out actually how old it is and if stored properly can it go bad. And is there a way to tell if it’s bad without uncorking it.It has a number of F2651 imprinted on the front label. It’s label on the top is Fine champagne V.S.O.p Brand. On the bottom it’s printed Canada Dry Ginger Ale , Inc NY NY
    Can someone please help

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