Like old Cognac?  Fancy another bottle to add to your collection?  Well, you’re going to need deep pockets if you fancy a stab at owning the worlds oldest known Courvoisier, which has just been put up for sale.

The vintage bottle of Courvoisier & Curlier 1789 Cognac is to be showcased this week at L’Atelier de Courvoisier in Harrods, London.  And you can own it for a cool £95,000 sterling…

Courvoisier Livestream
Livestream on of L’Atelier de Courvoisier with the Master Blender (on Friday 07th December (12 noon GMT London time / 13:00 CET Paris time), read the article about the livestream, or go to the livestream page.

However, if you don’t fancy spending out that kind of money (and you don’t have the opportunity to attend L’Atelier de Courvoisier to see it first hand), then never fear, because you can still feast your eyes on this unique bottle thanks to the live streaming from the event that takes place on 07th December (this Friday), exclusively via

The Courvoisier & Curlier 1789 – from the year of the French Revolution – is a Grande Champagne Cognac produced from Folle Blanche grapes.  The precious eaux-de-vie was bottled over two centuries ago by the nephews of Felix Courvoisier – the Curlier brothers.  The Cognac was only recently discovered, in the collection of Dutch collector, Bay van der Blunt.  And naturally, it’s caused quite a stir in the world of Cognac and fine spirits.

The bottle will be on display in the Wine Shop at Harrods (London’s iconic department store), from 05 – 08 December.  Naturally, such a valuable bottle will be behind lock and key in a specially designed display case to keep it at optimum temperature.

So make sure you tune into our livestream of L’Atelier de Courvoisier on Friday 07th December (12 noon GMT London time / 13:00 CET Paris time), where not only will you get the chance to glimpse the Courvoisier & Curlier 1789 Cognac, but you can also see Master Blender, Patrice Pinet, host a tasting of Courvoisier’s premium Cognac Succession J.S – plus get a chance to send in your questions to him direct for him to answer.

L’Atelier de Courvoisier is open to the public between the hours of 12:00 – 16:00.  The evenings are reserved for invitation only guests.  There are also other rare vintage Cognacs on sale during the event, including the Courvoisier & Curlier Freres Extra 1851 (with a price tag of £38,000), an 1884 Courvoisier Fine Champagne (£24,500), a 1900 Courvoisier Grande Fin Champagne (£12,500) and a 1929 Courvoisier Fine Champagne de Luxe (£9,500)

Read more about this friday’s LIVESTREAM or go directly to the Livestream page
Tune in on Friday 07th December (12 noon GMT London time / 13:00 CET Paris time)

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Oldest Courvoisier Cognac in the World goes on Sale - LIVESTREAM with Master Blender

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