When it comes to world records, the oldest authenticated cognac has to be one that any company would be delighted to hold.  And bizarrely, it was a simple Google search that brought this to light for the director of Gautier Cognac, Olivier Bernazeau.  And, we have to be perfectly honest – it’s currently agreed that this is the oldest bottle in the world to have been sold at auction.  But hey, that’s still a pretty good record to hold.

It's Official: Gautier Cognac 1762 the oldest in the world

One can only imagine the depth of feeling as Bernazeau watched the video (below), of the hallowed bottle being opened and the contents decanted and sealed in seven small flacons.

The mystery deepens, as it appears that currently all that is known about the bottle is that it was sold at auction in New York in 2014 for $59,500 US dollars to Warsaw based company, Wealth Solutions.  And it was on 04 November 2015 at The Bristol Hotel in Warsaw (Poland) that the bottle opening ceremony took place.  It was done to celebrate the collaboration between Wealth Solutions and the Swiss watch maker, Armin Strom.  After being sealed, each of the seven flacons was presented to their new owners.

It's Official: Gautier Cognac 1762 the oldest in the world

We know Wealth Solutions from cognac special editions they did with Tiffon and Bache Gabrielsen (both really great Cognacs, especially the Bache-Gabrielsen Sein de Dieu blew my mind! Fantastic Cognac. Wow.). The company successfully offers ‘alternative investments’ in various collectibles, wine, whisky and, it now appears, cognac.  And Bernazeau is keen to get in contact with the buyers of the flacons of cognac to invite them to visit the house of Gautier Cognac in Aigre. After all, such buyers must be private collectors, and to have such a cognac, who knows what other bottles of interest could be languishing alongside them?

It's Official: Gautier Cognac 1762 the oldest in the world

So, would such a cognac still be drinkable after all this time? According to Bernazeau, the fact that it’s been sealed up once more is a sign that perhaps analysis has shown it might be.  But because of its value, he fears that it will now simply be “doomed to being tasted only by the eyes”.

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It's Official: Gautier Cognac 1762 the oldest in the world

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