This Camus VSOP Flask bottle comes from one of our readers, who would like to know what it would be worth.

Her friend went to France and our reader asked her to bring something back with Cognac on it, since this was our reader’s maiden name (!).  Her grandmother had passed away and they went to clean out her house.  They found this down in her cellar.

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Camus Flask VSOP

Back of the Bottle: Camus grand V.S.O.P. est un assemblage inimitable de Cognacs distille’s selon la methode tradionelle de l’alambic charentais a partir de vins selectionne’s parmi les melleurs de ceux produits dans la Region delimitee de Cognac.

Cork of Camus Flask bottle

Further it says on the label:

Vieille lentement en fots de chene.  Camus Grand V.S.O.P. se distingue par sa finesse au nez et sa douceur au palais.

Quartre Generations dune meme Famille en garantissent l’exceptionnelle qualite’, Fonde en 1863, Produce of France, SBA3, .SG 70 ICO.

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Old Camus Grand V.S.O.P. Flask for Miss Cognac

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  1. Avatar

    This bottle is a design from the late 70s, early 80s.
    Current retail price for a CAMUS VSOP 50cl flask would be around USD 30 in the USA.
    As Cognac does not age in the bottle, the value only increases slightly over the years, driven by its collector appeal.

    We would actually be interested in purchasing this particular bottle, as we do not have it in our own collection.

  2. Avatar

    Are you saying $30.00 you are willing to pay? This bottle means alot more to me then $30.00 since my last name is cognac I can pass it down for generations to come. The only way I would consider giving this bottle up, it would have to be significantly more.. Thanks for your interest

  3. Avatar
    Cyril Camus

    Was only trying to give you the information you were looking for…

  4. Avatar

    Thank you for that information I appreciate it. Are you interested in buying it for your collection?


  5. Avatar

    Mr. Camus,

    I’m just following up to see if you are interested in my Cognac bottle to add to your collection.

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