One of our reader sent us a photo of his old, vintage bottle of Camus Tradition. The cognac is in a nice red box.

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Our reader would like to have some more information on this special edition bottle, this is what the card reads:

I have a special privilege to present ‘CAMUS TRADITION’, a quality of cognac of exceptional finesse, created by my ancestor, Jean-Baptiste CAMUS, over 120 years ago.

Tradition Camus Cognac

To honour this precious heritage I have revived a most elegant carafe from 18th century France which symbolises all the refinement and splendour of the era.

This magnificent hand-carved Baccarat crystal decanter renders due homage to our “CAMUS TRADITION” cognac and enhances its rich golden character, reflecting the authenticity of this rare blend selected from our family reserves

Tradition Camus Cognac box

I offer you “CAMUS TRADITION” cognac, the noblest expression of our art,
strictly reserved for the privileged few.

Jean-Paul CAMUS


If you have any ideas on this bottle, please share with us. Thank you!

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Old bottle of Camus Tradition Cognac comes in a red box

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  1. Avatar

    I want it! Anyone ideas how much it’s worth or how old the cognac is..? Love the decanter!

  2. Avatar

    would you like to sale contact me at [email protected] (Comment by Admin: Dear James, please make your offer here in this post, rather than posting your email address. Thank you for your understanding)

  3. Avatar

    I have the exact same cognac/decanter/box/card. Was given to me over 15 years ago. Has not been touched. Again does anyone know what it is worth. Where can it be sold.

  4. Avatar

    i also have a red box/crystal decanter/card, and would be interested in selling. i found a webpage and the price was over $2500.

  5. Avatar
    johnny chen

    hi jameas! I have a bottle Camus traditional cognac in a red box exactly what you guys have discripted.I can email or text you the pictures if you want.Please offer an price.

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