If you’ve got a bottle of Hennessy 44 Cognac – the limited edition that was produced in 2009 to celebrate the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States – Barack Obama – then, thanks to the results of this week’s elections, then your bottle’s still current.

Obama Hennessy 44 Edition

Had Mick Romney managed his goal and pipped Barack Obama at the post, he would’ve become the 45th president.  Had that been the case, we at Cognac-Expert wondered whether Hennessy have produced a Hennessy 45?

Hennessy 44 is a VS standard cognac, produced in a limited edition of 180,000 bottles.  At the time of sale, it retailed for around $30 US dollars, and was mainly sold in the New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Illinois and Georgia regions of the country.

Obama Cognac by Hennessy

The bottle is filled with the regular Hennessy VS, but features a black label with gold lettering.  It also has the date of Obama’s inauguration, as well as a circular label with the number 44 in the centre, and the phrase ‘in honor of the 44th president.’

We’ve not yet come across one, but here’s betting that some switched on bar tender or mixologist is sure to come out with a Barack Obama cocktail utilising, naturally, Hennessy 44 Cognac as an ingredient.

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Hennessy 44 Cognac Still Current Thanks to Obama's Victory

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