Nicholas Faith (1933–2018)

It’s with great sadness that we pay tribute to Nicholas Faith, perhaps one of the greatest ever writers about Cognac in modern times, who died on September 26, 2018, aged 85.

Whilst many readers of Cognac Expert will be familiar with Nicholas thanks to his works and writings about our beloved Cognac, this certainly wasn’t his only area of expertise. The ‘gentleman mischief maker’ was one of the world’s foremost authors on all things wine and spirits, although it was always Cognac that really stole his heart. In fact, he wrote no less than 23 books in his lifetime. These were on subjects that were as varied as they were fascinating. His books include in-depth analysis on many different fields, from Swiss Banks to auction houses to transport disasters. His last published book was about The Channel Tunnel (the tunnel that links the UK to France).

As a financial journalist, his writings have been read across the globe, but for us (and for many others) he’ll be remembered as one of the great authorities on Cognac.

Max was lucky enough to interview Nicholas, a recording of which can be read in our blog article, here. Or listen to the interview:

His first book on the subject of Cognac was written back in the 1986. In his words, the reason for him writing it was because at the time ‘there was no worthwhile book on Cognac’. Since then the book, Cognac: The Story of the World’s Greatest Brandy, has been revised three times, the last being in 2013. And we have to say, if you only ever read a single book in your life about Cognac, then make sure it’s this one.

London born, Nicholas, was a regular visitor to the Cognac region. He spoke fluent French, and was well liked and respected by those in the Cognac industry. He wrote so many books and articles on Cognac that in 2010 he was the very first person to be awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award by the BNIC. They also awarded him an honorary fellowship. His works are considered to be the gold standard for all things Cognac.

Nicholas marries Rosamond Arnold-Forster in 1956. They had four children–two daughters and two sons–and six grandchildren. He passed away on 26 September 2018 in hospital, surrounded by his family. He will be sorely missed.



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