… well, we’re probably over-egging our input a little bit there, but Cognac-Expert did indeed contribute to it by providing some cognac cocktail recipes. Nicholas Faith is perhaps one of the world’s greatest experts on the subject of cognac. And Max had the pleasure of interviewing this octogenarian at the end of 2013. Author of the book, “Cognac”, he’s now just released the eDirectory, a 132 page extract named Nicholas Faith’s Guide to Cognac that’s been taken from Faith’s extended book, Cognac: The Story of the World’s Greatest Brandy. The extract is free, and is going to be supplied to various people in the cognac industry. These include 27,000 bartenders, 10,000 UK restaurant and bar owners and managers, and 2,500 journalists (including bloggers). You’ll also be able to download the eDirectory for free on Apple, Amazon and other suitable platforms.

Nicholas Faith Guide to Cognac

The total book is split into three parts: “The Making of Cognac”, “The Story of Cognac” and “All About Cognac”.  We asked Nic about his reasons for this.  He said it boiled down to a few main things, with one of them being “the first question; how’s the stuff made?”  This then leads “naturally onto the vines and the varieties of grapes, the harvesting, the fermentation, and then the very specific style of distillation.” But one of our favourite quotes of our interview is when we asked Nicholas about the third part of this book, “All About Cognac.”  And his reply?  “Yes, well, the point about cognac is it’s there to be drunk.”  What a wonderful thing to say, and it really is the absolute truth. One of the greatest things about talking to a person who’s devoted a whole life to a particular subject is their all-consuming passion.  And Mr. Faith’s love for all things cognac is so apparent.

If you’d like to download a free copy of the eDirectory, then this can be done so here.  If you’d like to purchase a copy of the complete Cognac book, you can find further details here:   Hardback • Illustrations • 256 pages • 234 x 156 mm • £30 • ISBN 9781906821791 Ebook • available from Kindle Store, iBookstore, Kobo Store and Barnes and Noble • £25/$40 Discounts are available on bulk orders. Please email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1865 514888 for details.

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