Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac re-invents its range and change packaging dramatically. The packaging is more modern, and more ‘royal’. The Cognac house belongs to H. Mounier, who own another half a dozen smaller cognac brands. H. Mounier again is part of the Unicoop cooperative, a collaboration of hundreds of wine growers in Charente.

New Range Polignac Prince

Just as a contrast: look at the new VS Prince Polignac bottle, and how much it differs from the old one. Also, the brand now emphasize much more the word “Prince” in the brand. The ‘Hubert’ in Prince Hubert de Polignac is almost not readable, might be not that sexy.

They also changed the font, they added some royal-ish background – the product looks much more modern and more classy at the same time.

Old versus New Cognac Prince de Polignac

Not only the packaging is new, but ony their online communication: On their new website the user can navigate in 3D through the world of Polignac.

VSOP Prince Polignac

Grey, Red and Blue are the Prince’s colours.

XO Prince de Polignac

Interesting enough, and probably a good idea to reboot this brand. Let’s see what’s next to come from the Prince.

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New Range for Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac, a Packaging Reboot

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    may i know exactly when did Polignac changed their bottle to the new one?

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    Max (

    Hey Jimmy, the Prince Polignac packaging (and brand) reboot happened in 2011 as far as I know.

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    Hello, I have a old bottel of Prince Hubert De Polignac in a metal box. Are there several metal boxes available ?
    My metal box has a horde rider with a flag, while all the other metal boxes have a horse rider with a sword ?
    Can someone tell me the difference and what flag the horse ride is holding ?

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