The latest in Camus Cognac’s Masterpiece Collection is to be unveiled at the TFWA World Exhibition this month.

Named Camus Cuvée 2.105, this is the third eaux-de-vie launched in the exclusive Cyril Camus Collection.  It comes beautifully presented in a Baccarat Crystal decanter designed by Serge Mansau, the French artist and sculptor.

Camus Cuvee 2.105

The two cognacs that make up Camus Cuvée 2.105 were chosen in February of this year by Jean-Paul and Cyril Camus.  Cyril selected a Grande Champagne of a guaranteed minimum age of 45 years, and Jean-Paul chose one of a guaranteed minimum age of 65 years.

The two cognacs are blended in identical amounts and celebrate the fifth generation of the family of Camus.  They describe it as tasting of flavours of cedar wood, hazelnut, chocolate and dried plums, with a final spicy burst of complex fruit.

Camus Cuvée 2.105 will be produced in a limited edition of 1,228 cased and numbered decanters. Learn more about this and other Camus Cognacs at the Camus brand page.


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New Camus Masterpiece Camus Cuvée 2.105 Unveiled

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    Why do the prestige cognacs made by Camus all have a numeric designation? Cuvée 2.105 and 3.128 for example. Whats the reasoning?

  2. Avatar

    Does anyone know what happend to Camus Grand VSOP. Could not find it.

  3. Avatar

    Roger: Integer value represents the # of eaux de vies used in the blend and the fraction is the summation of age of all eaux de vies used.
    Ex: Camus Cuvée 3.128 uses 3 eaux de vies; they are 41, 43 and 44 years old which adds up to 128.

    Alex: Sorry, but who cares about the VSOPs!

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