The Musée des Arts du Cognac, or MACO, has taken on two new recruits to help give visitors a little more insight into the world of cognac this summer.  Two new tours of the museum will start next Saturday – July 9th – and the new staff will be specifically assigned to help with these.

Musee des Arts du Cognac

The first will take place daily at 11:00 hours and last for half an hour.  Led by Christophe Azia, visitors will be taken through the history of the cognac glass.  They will see and learn about the very first glass blowing machine, through packaging and design and the perfect glasses to enjoy eaux-de-vie in all its forms – from neat through to long cocktails.  The tour ends at the carafes of some of the most exceptional cognacs –  Cuvée François-Rabelais Frapin, the Perfection of Hardy, Hennessy Ellipse and The Louis XIII Remy Martin Diamond.

The second visit takes place each day at 15:00 hours and again last thirty minutes.  This takes visitors through the evolution of cognac bottles through the ages.  Here it’ll be possible to see the very earliest, classic cognacaise bottles that were blown by mouth, right through to the modern day marvels such as Hypnotiq, RémyRed and RémySpace.  There is also the opportunity to see copies of such famous carafes as Larsen Drakar or the signed Limoges porcelain from the house of Camus.

The tours do not need to be pre-booked, and there is a small fee of 2 euros per person – although admission to the museum itself is free.  The MACO is open six days per week (closed Mondays) throughout the summer.


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New Visits this Summer at the Musée des Arts du Cognac

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    Robert H. Boyle

    My late uncle Georges Casmeze was the owner of Cognac Casmeze. I sued to buy it by the case when he was alive and even into the 1980s in New York.
    Is there any avalaible now for purchase? I thank you in advance for your kind consideration.


    Robert H. Boyle
    Roaring Brook Farm,
    Cooperstown, New York, USA

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    Robert H. Boyle

    Oops, mistake. My email read should that I used to buy it (Cognac Casmeze), NOT sued to buy it. Sorry! RHB

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    I have a bottle of Cognac reserve Casmeze 4/5

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    M Boyle,

    could you contact me by mail as Georges Casmèze was my grandfather i would love to discuss it with you.

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    Andrew herring

    I have a bottle of 4/5 cognac casmeze as well looking for answers and value

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    To all who kindly replied to my query about Cognac Casmeze as well as the member of the Casmeze family who responded (Georges Casmeze, Uncle Christo to us on this side of the Atlantic), please contact me. Thank you.

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    Would appreciat hearing from any Casmeze cousin. Cheers.

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    ………I’m one of those, Mr Boyle, it would be nice we talk together…….

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