The World’s Most Expensive Louis XIII Miniature Bottle

We’ll bet that a fair few bottles of cognac were unwrapped as very well received presents on Christmas morning, but we also wager that perhaps not many of them were quite as opulent as the bling creation by jeweller, Mike the Jeweller from M&J Jewellery.

Louis XIII Miniature Cognac Bottle

A miniature bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII has been given the ‘special’ touch by that addition of 27 carats of yellow and black diamonds, not to mention a healthy dose of gold into the bargain.

Diamonds & Gold on the miniature bottle

This upscale jeweller are getting quite a name for themselves in producing one off pieces such as these.  He is also famous for creating the custom diamond Hennessy Ellipse pendant, along with other unique pieces of jewellery.

Hennessy Ellipse Miniature Cognac Bottle

This Louis XIII is also a one off piece, and has been put on display in the hope of attracting a high end buyer.  The price is, of course, not on display.  However, this little gem is sure to attract plenty of interest amongst both cognac, fine spirits and jewellery collectors.

Pics: M&J Jewellery

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