The most expensive Cognac in the world seems to be a Hennessy: Beauté du Siècle. It means ‘the Beauty of the Century’ and there are only 100 available in the world. The Beauté is at a price of about 180.000 €

Beauté du Siècle

The buyer does not only get a bottle of Cognac: It comes in a beautiful box designed by artist Jean-Michel Othoniel – like a small treasure. The Cognac is a blend out of different eaux-de-vie which are between 45 and 100 years old; as a buyer you even get a book and an art piece (an real Talbot photography).

The treasure.

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The most expensive Cognac in the world: Beauté du Siècle

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    Hi. Actually the most expensive Cognac is at $2 million: Henri IV, Cognac Grande Champagne.

    As far as I know is Hennessy Beauté du Siecle the second expensive Cognac in the world.

    1. $2 million – Henri IV Cognac Grande Champagne
    2. $200,000 – Hennessy: Beaute du Siecle Cognac
    3. $55,000 – Remy Martin: Cognac Black Pearl Louis XIII
    4. $12,900 – Hardy: Perfection 140 years Cognac
    5. $7,900 – Le Voyage de Delamain
    6. $7,500 – Martell: Creation Cognac, Baccarat Decanter
    7. $6,400 – Frapin Cuvée 1888
    8. $6,000 – Hine Triomphe Talent De Thomas Hine Crystal Decanter
    9. $5,500 – Jenssen Arcana
    10. $5,000 – Courvoisier L’Esprit Decanter

    That would be the list of the most expensive Cognacs in the world. Never mind.

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    Mr cognac

    Comnents about most expensive on this article are
    Completely wrong. These cognacs were marketed at
    These prices they were not actually sold for those
    Prices. The most expensive real cognac that actually
    Sole belongs to cognac croizet an unadorned
    Bottle sold for 157,000 usd in China a few months
    Ago and endorsed by the world media and independent
    Experts that witnessed it. Google croizet auction

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    Sorry, all comments do not hit the point. Henri IV or Beauté: NOT the cognac has this worh, but the BOTTLE (until 2013, about 20 pieces Beauté had really been sold. In 2013, one from a private collector was auctioned, but nobody paid the starting bid of 17.000 Euro).

    You buy diamonds or silver for lots of money and a 300-1500$ cognac. The Henri IV cognac is from Dudognon and the descrition is quite similar to the Heritage (300$). The Beauté will surely contain the same as the Ellipse (same description*). And why SHOULD these bottles contain some ultimate 100000$ cognac if such a cognac does not exist at all? Croizet in China: A PR-event. 157.000 is far too much for a 1858 – A.E.Dor No. 4 currently costs about 6000-8000$ and it is the most expensive vintage cognac of this year 1858. It REALY has been sold many times at this price WITHOUT any singular PR-event.

    REALLY the most expensive cognac was the 1788 auctioned in Paris 2009 for 25.000 Euro. NOT a limited decanter for money-makers, NOT a blink-blink-with-nothing-inside – ONLY an old, dirty bottle with COGNAC 🙂

    *PS: Just like Remy Louis XIII or Hennessy Richard: 1/4 or 1/3 of the price is the cognac, the rest is the bottle and some profit 🙂

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    PS: I forgot something: We always talk about what we know. But there once was a Clos de Griffier 1738 which was sold without an auction. I am sure someone paid more than 25.000 Euro because this is until now the oldest cognac.

    But please do not forget: Such a cognac is NOT necessarily better than a 1788 or a 1858 or a 1914 or whatever. It is only more exciting for a collector to own such an old cognac. I once tasted a 1811 Napoléon – it was not really fine 🙁

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