A Mexican distilling company tried to sell this bottle, filled with Tequila, to potential customers in Dubai. Without success. The buyers were much more interested in Cognac. And tequila is not really considered as a luxury product, nor very known in Europe and Arabia.

So the Mexicans managed to make a “Cognac deal” and packaged the Henri IV Dudognon Heritage bottle.

The bottle has 24 K gold, sterling platinum over 6000 brilliant cut diamonds. The object weighs 8 kilograms and it is filled with 100 cl of Heritage.

Henri VI Dudognon Heritage

It is the most expensive bottle ever made: 1 million pounds. It holds  the current Guiness book of records.

This very expensive Cognac saw its first production in the 18th century, and matured in oak barrels for more than a 100 years.

The Dudognon family has been in town since 1776. In Lignières-Sonneville, in the Grande Champagne area of Cognac, where we find the best chalk soils in Charente. The premier cru is quite a famous brandy.

Here are some reactions from our readers:

  • “What do do with the bottle after the content has gone? Recycle it? or fill it up with another cognac? or someting else? I don’t envy filthy rich peoples with such problems ;-)”
  • “I agree with the above statement…..”
  • “I want one.”
  • “Where can I get one from and are sure it’s 100 years old?”
  • “Morten – it’s about marketing and presentation. I LOVE COGNAC!!! Pass the bottle! ;)”
  • “passes the bottle to Louise, wishing her a pleasent weekend, even though it might be without exorbitant gold, platinum or diamonds. ;-)”
  • Can somebody tell me more about it… I am waiting. Thank’s”
  • “Naaa. Gustavo..Louis XIII is the one you really want..believe me!!”
  • “Woww…. I never seen that Cognac before… The once I have right now is Luis XIII.
  • “this is ridiculous. i can make a 2 million pound bottle. just throw in a another 50carat diamond and you’re set. but then again, its the content that counts.”

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Most expensive Cognac bottle in the world: Henri IV Dudognon Heritage (Video)

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    Where is this bottle now? Is it still for sale ? Is it already empty out by someone?

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