Oreco, a storage company for nearly 15 per cent of the eaux-de-vie produced in the region of Cognac, is currently increasing its storage space.

Already offering its customers storage for 250,000 barrels, Oreco was granted permission by the city council in February to increase its storage capacity to 71,000 m3.  Work has now begun at the 6 hectare Bellvue site to build the five new storage tanks with concrete pillars towering 20 metres into the sky.

new Cognac storage space

In order for the company to gain permission to grow above the ‘low threshold’ limit of 50,000 m3, two wine producers, Gilles Bonnet and  Francis Nadeau have agreed to sell some of their vines.

The work is being carried out by the company, Komorniczak – Gensac la Pallue.  However, there have already been some complaints of the noise and speed of trucks entering and leaving the site.  The company have apologised and said they will rectify the speed at which the trucks drive.

Sources: www.charentelibre.fr

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More Storage Space for Eaux-de-Vie

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