One of the pearls of Cognac’s history, the Monnet Winery, the historic cellar, is a prime target for renovation and change.  It is proposed that the two and a half acre site be converted into a tourist attraction of seminar rooms, apartments, fitness centre and spa along with a bar and restaurant.

Historic cellar

Of course, this is a matter of much controversy and last weekend eighty people were invited by the mayor of Cognac, Michael Gourinchas, to view the site and give their opinions on the proposed conversion.

It appeared that the general consensus of the visitors was tentatively positive, but of course, all wanted assurance that the building would be converted in a sympathetic manner which preserved the history and heritage.  However, there was concern in some quarters whether or not the city of Cognac had enough to keep visitors entertained for a week’s stay.  Indeed, the current average stay of a tourist is around one day.

But everyone agreed that it was essential that the site must not be allowed to fall into ruin.  And of course, any restoration can only go ahead with the agreement of the Architectural Buildings of France.

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What is in store for the Historical Cellars of Monnet?

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    freddy franchi

    Why nobody try to use it to age Rum, Cachaca, Tequila, Gin? It has become very trendy to age anything with the word Cognac or XO to add premium price tag for something basically the same in term of quality compare to ther product from same origin…
    I would llve to have a cellar like this. How much is it? Is there a distillery coming with?

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