Cognac giant Hennessy now also tries to conquer the European market : Hennessy Black (read our article) is supposed to be positioned in Germany as a mixable nightlife drink. Like they did in the US. Is this the beginning of a European cognac-mixdrink success story?

Hennessy claims that Black became the number one drink of generation 25+, and now this trend apparently also comes to Europe. True or wishful thinking? Perhaps it does not “come”, but it’s created. That would be good news.

The Black beauty of Hennessy

If that is true, it would mean a major step for “young” Cognac consumption in Europe, there are some real problems with it, especially in the motherland of eaux-de-vie, France (Cognac Expert reported, read the article). As Martell recently reported, they are having difficulties with their high-end cognac sales in western Europe. What’s more: Cognac as a mixdrink ingredient is not at all known in France or Germany.

Is this the beginning of a breakthrough for cognac in Europe?

As France has a huge problem with local cognac consumption, and the whole industry asks itself how to make cognac more attractive for younger drinkers, this could bet he right way: Mixable, music and nightlife. It’s basically the same strategy that worked in the US. A cultural import of a European export product, a repositioning of an “old” drink – from France, to the US, back to Europe – only with a rap/R’n’b nightlife image.

Probably you would not even find a cognac bottle in Munich’s trend club P1, only if Hennessy launches a wide communication and promotion campaign. It would probably help boosting other cognac brands, too. Hennessy Black was heavily marketed in the US, with music events, campaigns and the help of rappers promoting the drink, e.g. Ja Rule, Eminem or P. Diddy.

NuSoul club in Frankfurt

The European premiere, and kick-off event of the launch, will be in wealthy Frankfurt, in the “NuSoul” club, with 200 invited guests – that’s tonight. There will be a cocktail mixing workshop, and some music acts including Stuttgart’s musician Max Herre.

Very, very interesting what is about to happen.


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Mixable Hennessy Black comes to Europe, launch in Germany: Will this work?

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