Meukow is the brand with the jumping panther – and the VSOP is often available in stores and shops.

Now, the Meukow XO Grande Champagne XO is a round Cognac, of course, because it is a XO. Some people think that the Meukow XO is better than comparalbe eaux-de-vie from the big cognac houses such as Remy Martin, Hennessy, Martell and Courvoisier.

Meukow XO Grande Champagne

Here are some basic tasting notes of Meukow XO Grande Champagne:

The color: golden copper, amber hue
On the nose: some fleures, hints of spice notes, quite complex
The taste: round and balanced aroma, some sweet vanilla and fresh fruits (pear, orange, and apricot notes)
The finish: very long and smooth dans la bouche
The cru (zone): This Cognac is a 100% Grande Champagne eau-de-vie
The price: is about $120

Meukow Cognac has a highly interesting history: In 1862, brothers Christophe and Gustave Meukow (from Silesia) were sent by Tsar Alexander II. to Charente to provide the Russian court with Cognac brandy. So they founded a trading company.

Meukow seems to be the fifth largest Cognac house in the world. Since 1969 Meukow is part of  Compagnie de Guyenne, a cooperation in family hand.

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Meukow XO Grande Champagne: Bottle review

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  1. Avatar
    mary jenks

    I don’t care for this one as much I like the hennessy xo better

  2. Avatar

    I feel that while the Meukow is somewhat harsher (alcohol bite), the tatse is more like a fine remy extra and that hennessy xo does not hold a candle. thing is the best xo from meukow shown above with silver panther is hard to find.

    hennessy is great quality and ultra smooth, but to me the taste is not what
    I consider truly great.
    the one available and tested by jenks had is likely the gold panther which is a step down, but still have a better overall taste to me then hennessy xo.
    (Meukow extra clearly being the best of the lot, but $$$)

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