+++ UPDATE +++ : Wow, they sent us a list. Even when we are not entirely sure what they want.. See at the bottom of the page.

+++ UPDATE +++ : response from our Vietnamese friends +++ On monday we received a rather interesting message from an import & export company in Vietnam. Apparently this gentleman found our website on the web and thought: Hey! Those people must be able to ship tons and tons of cognac to Vietnam!

It’s the attempt to bypass local distributors and to get directly to the French source…

Picture of company manager at facility

But it’s really interesting that they call us Remy Cognac. Is Remy Martin the only brand known in Vietnam? As we know, Remy Cointreau does great business in Asia (also see related article at bottom of page).

“Hi Remy Cognac, I need 10 or more container/month”

(names are changed)

Hi Remy Cognac !

_ My name Tchingtao! Currently I’m for sale ABC Ltd company. I need to buy Remy cognac wine production in France as Remy VSOP, Remy Club, Remy XO and other products of Remy with 10 or more container/month Remy on the type of wine consumption market in China. Please guide me to contact the official supplier of Remy cognac production in France. I thank you very much and hope Cognac Remy, will help me find a good supplier of Cognac Remy. Please reply via e-mail address:  XXXX Address:  XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXX Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam .  Once again I thank you for the cooperation of Cognac Rémy.

One thing is sure: Vietnam needs more Cognac. But 10 or more container per month? Wait a moment… that is insane.

We answered to this dear gentleman, but did not receive an answer yet. We tried to make them understand that cognac is a brandy, not a wine. That cognac is expensive, not a mass product.

We had a look at the comany’s website and found all kind of different import & export products.. and this is what they answered so far:

Hi Export Cognac !

_ Ok! Export Cognac thanks for the reply to my email. Since the first email, I only speak briefly content requirements Cognac Export Company. Tomorrow, I will send an email to Cognac Export details of the Cognac wine types that companies need to offer. Thank you very much for your cooperation Cognac Export !

+++ UPDATE +++ 06/09/10

And this is what they just sent us.. still trying hard to convince them, that we do not ship cognac to Asia at all!

“Few days ago due to national holidays of Republic Day Socialist Republic of Vietnam dated 02-09. For So, now I send the detailed list which types of wine cognac company wants yuan. Through the detailed list of wines cognac from ABC Company sent, I want to Export to quote specific Cognac for each type of cognac. Thank Export Cognac

3 Description/productContentBtlRemarksValDemand
4 Hennessy XO 6/70/40refEur13.333
5 Hennessy VSOP12/70/40refEur13.333
6 Hennessy Paradis extra12/75/4013.333
7 Remy XO6/70/40refEur13.333
8 Remy VSOP12/75/40refEur13.333
9 Remy Martin club6/70/40refEur13.333
10 Martel Cordon blue6/70/4013.333
11 Martel XO Surpreme6/70/4013.333
12 Martel VSOP Medaillon12/7.0/40refEur13.333
13 Louis XIII / 40Eur500

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Message from Vietnam:

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Max is a spirits expert and speaker, into marketing, technology, startups, and business development. He’s also a farmer. He likes tools and machines, Game of Thrones, and Better Call Saul. Included in his Top 10 Cognacs are the Audry XO and Bache Gabrielsen 1973.Max founded Cognac Expert in 2010 at his family’s estate in Poullignac, in the Cognac region, France. Started as a blog, today Cognac Expert is the world’s largest website about all things Cognac, a blog, and a specialized online shop featuring 800+ different Cognac bottles.


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    The Chinese and nearby countries tend to refer to Brandy as wine, not because they don’t know the difference but I don’t think they have a distinction in their own languages; I think this is down to winery and distillery being called the same as far as they are concerned.

    The official distribution channels in the far east do not support the level of demand for cognac and this is putting the prices up every day. Obviously the big producers have their own way of looking at this; they want to keeo the demand high, so therefore will the price remain high and so will the profit levels. If the demand was delivered the artificially high price would drop and so then would the perception of the product in the eyes of thse who want to buy it. They don’t buy the product because they like it – they buy it because it is a status simple to be able to buy these overly expensive products.

    There is demdand there for 10 containers a month – or more – just in Vietnam, but I think they would supply some surrounding areas as well, but the big producers are making enough money selling what they want to through their official channels and so this grey market exists to circumnavigate the official distributors.

    If only the smaller growers and producers could somehow tap into this demand they could have a wonderful time, but where brand led marketing is concerned it is no good producing a better product, at a lower price because no-one knows your name…

  2. Avatar

    Thanks Peter for your comment. Really interesting.

    Actually they contacted us again and now another misunderstanding developed: they think Cognac Expert = Cognac Export.

    Well.. anyway. Will keep you posted about the developement of this hilarious inquiry.

  3. Avatar

    One little letter can make all the difference… Poor communication is responsible for more of the world’s troubles than anything else!

  4. Avatar

    They will never, ever get those quantities! they want almost a hundred thousand bottles. that equals a loooot of money. How do you pay this, via paypal?

    Seriously, that will never work out I do not believe this for a second. funny though, thanks for sharing.

  5. Avatar

    i would liketo give u supply of container do send me the details of how much container u need where and where will they go

  6. Avatar
    Kevin Ting

    From those replies, it only reflects that you guys probably no one ever visit Asia country. Some say about right. Even Official Sole Distributors got limited supply from producer. The demanding is high, but price rather stable because of fix price.

    In my country, people uses Cognac as a present to a friend or social. For example, if there is a shortage in Hennessy, then I choose Remy Martin or Martell. Those three brands are popular because of they are famous branding. Of course there are others, but generally speaking we choose present only because it’s well known.

    And by the way, I did buy 400 bottles of Louis XIII shipped from France. And few containers of others, It’s happening, not a hilarious or joke!! Don’t be naive! Guys!

  7. Avatar
    Kevin Ting

    And, if you anyone feel it’s a business chance, drop me a line,
    Or, keep wondering /or laughing if you want

  8. Avatar

    I guess no one is being naive and everyone perfectly understands the huge consumption capability of Asia. Being the 2nd biggest drinker in the world after the US with over 20 millions bottles consumed during the first two semesters of 2010 (from which 90% are QSS products (XO and over)), it is absolutely not surprising to be discussing such ridiculously high volumes.

    Having lived in China for the past 12 years I’ve seen crazy orders passed, coming from nowhere, handled in a very amateur way but eventually leading to sales and distribution. However I’ve seen giant orders being refused by the top 3 brands as volume is not their always their priority in Asia (to the contrary of the US market), and have to be careful not to low-grade their brand by making products too accessible and available, by anyone. Many brands and products in different industries suffered from that (ask Porsche and the commercial success of Porsche Cayenne in China that eventually attempted in building a luxury brand). Quantity YES but not at any cost.

    Regarding the terminology, Chinese have distinct words for wine, brandy and Cognac, although it is very seldom that a Chinese would refer to cognac as such and would almost always call them Brandy, missing the point of the AOC status.

    白兰地: Brandy
    科涅克: Cognac

    It is interesting to notice that, inquiring about cognac in a shop or in a club/KTV/restaurant in China very few staff -nearly none- (waiters, store managers and sales) would understand the word “cognac” (科涅克), knowing only Brandy (白兰地).

    However anywhere in China difference between spirits and wine is perfectly clear, wine being systematically calles “grape alcohol”:

    – Alcohol (generic term for any alcohol): JIU, 酒
    – Wine (literally grape wine): PUTAO JIU, 葡萄 + 酒
    – Chinese traditional rice alcohol: BAI JIU, 白 + 酒
    – Brandy: BAI LAN DI, 白兰地
    – Cognac: KE NIE KE, 科涅克

  9. Avatar

    Price of Premium Cognac 40% alcohol, by barrel is following:

    1 barrel equal 220 Liter or 58.11 Gal.

    Price includes transportation to Port of Poti, Georgia

    5 years old 1 barrel 1000 USD

    7 years old 1 barrel 1500 USD

    10 years old 1 barrel 2000 USD

    15 years old 1 barrel 3000 USD

    Ship in metal 220 L barrels in 20 feet container and 20 feet container fits about 80 barrels.

    Cost of barrels and shipment to Poti, Georgia included in the price of Cognac.

    Subject to prior sales confirmation.

  10. Avatar

    Those who beleive it is not possible to sell 10 container cognac per month is WRONG – I am in this business to Vietnam and have a budget of 5 mill. USD per month and GROWING so you should reconsider !

  11. Avatar

    In Asia, cognac, whiskey is imported and bottled in Singapore, all offices are located in Singapore. Vietnam also has its representative distribution of alcohol as Heneessy, Camus, Martell, Johnnie Walker … but the representatives of this distribution are imported from the official representative office in Sin.

    ABC Company … exchange with cognac Blog, I think they are crazy, because they, too bad about finding a distributor in Vietnam products.

    In Vietnam, cognac-class classification is popular VSOP, XO, other versions are portable personal consumer travel purchasing, consumers are buying mainly collections. whiskey is popular.

     Distributors policy in Vietnam is very bad, they hardly outstanding events, not small sample liquor products 30-50ml to introduce the consumer …

    I hope the future Vietnamese, market wine companies interested as in the Chinese market, Hong Kong ….

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    My company is always looking for new markets to expand. We are very interested in expansion in the asian market. Our product Tacor Cognac would do quite well in Asia.
    Feel free to contact me.
    VP of Sales Brent Sims
    Tacor Cognac
    702 542 5192
    [email protected]

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