Cognac Brothers Blend is the new product from the house of Merlet. Apparently the future range includes a VS, VSOP and a XO quality.

Somehow Merlet goes back to the roots. Since 1850 the family distillery produces cognac, and concentrated on selling the eaux-de-vie to the bigger houses (like Hennessy, Martell etc.). But now Merlet recreates its own brand, with an own bottle, with their own label.

Gilles Merlet blended Brothers Blend for his two sons Pierre and Luc – the next winemakers and blenders in the family tradition.

Brothers Blend Merlet

Brothers Blend is a blend that consists 80% of Fins Bois blend, giving it a slightly ligther tone, 20% comes from Fine Champagne (Grande and Petite Champagne).  The Fins Bois eaux-de-vie is 4 to 5 years old, and the Fine Champagne part is up to 12 years old.

Brothers Blend is a mixable spirit, for cocktails or on the rocks.

Another product the house of Merlet will soon launch Crème de Melon, also made for cocktails.


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Merlet Brothers Blend: A new Cognac for cocktails

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  1. Avatar

    Interesting that Merlet now wants to establish their own brand of cognac. I think it’s a good idea that they took the “cocktail” direction.

    Now, is Brothers Blend a VS, and will the VSOP and the XO also be called Brothers Blend, or is it just the VS name? I don’t understand..

  2. Avatar

    I also believe it’s great that a house designed a Cognac specifically for cocktail use, which doesn’t necessarily means cheap quality. I’ve tried the Merlet Brothers Blend in a bar in London and I’ve been explained that it is “legally” a VSOP (the youngest eau-de-vie in the blend is 4 years old, still the average age of the different eaux-de-vies is 6-7 years old. Very smooth and fruity.

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