Maxxium is going to invest about £15 million ($ 23 million) in 2010  to support its Cognac brand Courvoisier. Maxxium handles distribution for Pernod Ricard’s V&S Group.

Maxxium UK is convinced that they can bring more drinker into the Cognac category by launching advertising activities, promotions and educational programmes:

  • a 3D training film for the Maxxium traders and bar staff.
    Courvoisier also launched an advertising spot in 3D, showed during AVATAR: see it here.
  • Le Nez de Courvoisier, which is a unique sensory training experience.

    Le Nez de Courvoisier

    It is designed to help consumers to understand the taste, flavours and aromas around Cognac: The installation focused on bringing the three key aromas – creme brulee, candied orange and iris flowers – in Courvoisier XO to life through scent. To add more engagement the aromas are complimented by music created especially by Lauent Assoulen who is able to create the sounds of smells. The combination of music and aroma helps to demysify the complex aura that surrounds cognac. Each aroma is traced back to a different part of the cognac production process. For instance creme brulee comes from the way the barrels are toasted and iris flowers comes from the borderies cru.

  • spreading the image of Courvoisier in cocktails; e.g. for summer drinking occasions

    L'Essence de Couvoisier

Greater emphasis will be placed on Courvoisier premium brands, such as L’Essence de Couvoisier, a product launched in 2009. Courvoisier’s UK marketing manager:

“At Maxxium UK we believe there is an exciting opportunity to grow the cognac category by recruiting new consumers, encouraging those who don’t normally consider cognac to try it.”

“Event-sytle” promotional activity is planned for 2010, that not only attract good national media coverage – but also bring new interest and attention to the cognac world in general.

“This year we will continue to sample cognac cocktails and punch at selected consumer events and work with bartenders who are increasingly using cognac in cocktails, a trend we expect to see replicated in the off-trade in 2010.”


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Maxxium spends 23 million USD on Courvoisier campaign

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