Martell really have pushed the boat out for their 300 year anniversary – and what a treat this has provided for the Cognac lover. The latest in the ‘300’ range is the XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition Cognac, a unique blend that is said to ‘truly capture the three centuries of life, of 300 years of turning Cognac into art”.


Cellar Master, Benoit Fil, has created a blend of XO eaux-de-vies that is a tribute to the two vital components for the art of making Cognac: time and wood. On the eye this collector’s Cognac is a rich amber with glistening copper highlights. According the Martell’s tasting notes, it has an expressive nose that reveals subtle hints of cooked stone fruits, followed by honey, dried fruits and peppery spices. And then there’s the taste… Figs, raisins, tones of wood – each mingles with the next, culminating in a delightfully lengthy finish.


The decanter for the Martell XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition pays homage to that of the classic and much loved Martell XO. Similarly shaped, with sweeping, arched lines, it boasts fine silver lines that mimic the lines found on oak wood.


And of course, no bottle would be complete without Martell’s famous emblem – the flying swift. A delightful touch is the cabochon adorning the tip of the cork that’s carved from the same tree that was used to make the barrels that age the eaux de vie. In addition, each bottle comes with a 10cl montre – a miniature bottle that blenders use to taste and present their samples.


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Martell XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition

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