Here’s the reveal on the mysterious Martell Trunk which we have been awaiting the opening with baited breath – and just some hours ago we discovered “La Malle”. Nice one.

The trunk is actually the ultimate blend-cognac-at-home-cocktail-unit. It’s a precious toy, with lots of specials, for connaisseurs who want to play, to experiment with different eaux-de-vie. And yes, there is an ice machine in this huge blue box.

Martell La Malle Trunk Pinel & Pinel

Martell have teamed up with luxury French luxury designer Pinel and Pinel to create a combination of pure opulence.  The trunk has revealed compartments and drawers embellished with soft leather and a myriad of fine crystal glasses and carafes.

Blend your own Cognac

Now, the cool thing about this 150.000 € trunk is, that you can actually blend your own cognac. Create your own cognac – that’s the idea. Use the little book, with pre printed tasting notes structure, fill the mix into a bottle.. or make a cocktail. But that perhaps rather with the VSOP. Crush the ice. Everything seems to be possible with this upscale luxury set.

Cognac bottles in Martell trunk

The trunk icludes the whole range of Martell bottles, and 4 exclusive blends, that you can blend again. Those 4 are single Cru blends from the different growth area of the cognac appellation Fins Bois, Borderies, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne millesimes, vintages. The Fins Bois is quite remarkable.

Humidor in the trunk

And of course there is one L’Or de Jean Martell bottle, in the center of the trunk, further down you find candles, scents and a humidor – a worthy accompaniment to these prestigious bottles of cognac.

Knives and cocktail equipment

Further adding to this trunk of luxury are twenty eight unique and classic wristwatches which bathe in the soft light which caresses the interior. We also find knives, cocktail utilities.

Candles, a notebook for tasting notes and more

It’s basically a cocktail bar. But you can’t call it that way, it’s just too exclusive. Truly a stylish creation of functional luxury. The brand of Martell succeeds in balancing tradition, modern understatement and desire.

Ice machine in the trunk

There is an ice machine, and a crusher, and a bottle where you can fill  in your new home made blend. And you will discover many other little details. Everything is well organized. You also find little lamps at the top of the trunk, which enlight the interior. They are shaped in a way that they remind of alambic pot still elements, and are made of copper.

Eaux-de-vie from Martells paradise cellar

The trunk was launch at a cocktail event, in a villa in Paris. Good athmosphere, food, music, and some cigars added up to a nice evening.

Martell Trunk Launch Event

Here we see the four exclusive bottles. For explenation: If it says e.g. No.4 on the label, it means there are four different millesimes in this blend. The maitre du chai of Martell told us a bit about those. Those eaux-de-vie were selected from the paradise cellar of Martell.

4 exclusive blends for blending

The Martell Trunk or La Malle is a giant of understatement, something to interact with. You so want it in your living room.

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The Martell Trunk La Malle: The Mystery is Revealed

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