When the house of Martell does something, it does it with bells and whistles! And their new Single Estate Collection is certainly something that deserves to be shouted about. As people around the world become more interested and knowledgeable about Cognac, the need for more diverse and exciting products is becoming greater. A high five to Martell for releasing a range that certainly hits the spot where this is concerned.

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NEW from Martell: The Single Estate Collection

Martell Single Estate Domaine Pierre de Bechillon Boraud Limited Edition Cognac

Fresh on the shelves, this Grande Champagne offering has been created from a blend of only three eaux-de-vie, and is limited to 3,000 bottles. Hors d’Age in quality, this is a delicate, aromatic Cognac that nonetheless brings with it a touch of spice, and the power and complexity that you’d expect from a blend from the premier cru of the region. Martell partnered with Cognac producer Pierre de Bechillon-Boraud to create this unique bottle.

NEW from Martell: The Single Estate Collection

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The whole ethos behind the Martell Single Estate Collection is to introduce the intricacies not only of single growths, but also individual domains. In other words, each individual product is a journey into a single vineyard and the quality of the brandy it produce.

Tasting such Cognacs allows a fascinating insight into the amazing diversity of the individual soils. Not only does this instill their distinct character on the grapes that grow there, but the microclimates of that particular area also put their stamp on the eaux-de-vie produced. Mother Nature, as we’re all aware, is a powerful phenomenon: from the wind, sun, and rain, right through to the consistency and composition of the soil, it all has a bearing on the final Cognac that’s lovingly cradled within the bottle.

The collection initially comprises of four Cognacs – each being rolled out in a measured fashion (Martell have promised that there may be further Single Estate Cognacs produced in the future). All of them have been produced in a strictly limited edition, with each bottle being numbered, and bearing a Single Estate Collection metal plaque. And we really like the fact that Martell has left the Cognac to provide the razzmatazz. There’s no glitzy packaging, just a traditional simple style bottle enclosed in a natural pine presentation box.

Let’s take a closer look at the other Cognacs within the range.

Martell Single Estate Domaine de Charbonniere Cognac

Lovers of Borderies Cognacs will be thrilled by this offering. From the complex nose of candied lemon, plum, peaches, vanilla, and clove, through to the palate offering peaches and gingerbread, it’s a wonderful example of why Borderies Cognacs are so sought after.

NEW from Martell: The Single Estate Collection

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For more information on aromas, check out our detailed article Common (and rather uncommon) Cognac Aromas.

Martell Single Estate Vignoble C. Mongillon Vintage 1989 Cognac

A vintage Grande Champagne, the Vignoble C. Mongillon offers an incredibly aromatic nose, and also has a few surprises up its sleeve! Enjoy notes of figs, walnuts, almonds, and even roasted coffee, before relishing in the delights of further nuttiness and dried fruits on the palates. The finish has a wonderful sting in the tail, with a hint of blackcurrant right at the very end.

NEW from Martell: The Single Estate Collection

In addition to the Cognac in its presentation box, it also comes with a brochure (signed by Christophe Valtaud, Martell’s Cellar Master), and a detailed description from the individual winegrowers estate.

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Martell Single Estate Vignoble A. Couillaud Vintage 1978 Cognac

Of course, the collection wouldn’t be complete without an offering from Petite Champagne. Distinctive from the moment you uncork the bottle, Martell Single Estate Vignoble A. Couillaud Vintage 1978 Cognac a leafy, light, fruity offering. The palate certainly doesn’t disappoint either, being both structured and powerful, with a pleasant touch of bitterness and exceptionally long finish.

Once again, this Single Estate delight comes with a detailed brochure and information from both the Cellar Master and the winegrower of the estate.

NEW from Martell: The Single Estate Collection

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Source: martell.com

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NEW from Martell: The Single Estate Collection

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