Hot on the heels of Remy Martin’s Louis XIII Salmanazar comes another one off creation–and this time it’s from the oldest of the big houses. Martell Metaphore is to be unveiled at the DFS Group’s Masters of Wines and Spirits, which is being held this weekend (24-25 March), in Singapore.

Martell Metaphore: A unique one-off Cognac expression

Martell Metaphore is an impressive piece­­–both the Cognac and the presentation. The blend’s been created by Cellar Master, Christophe Valtaud, from four eaux-de-vie of varying ages. The first, and oldest, is from 1898, and was selected by the first Cellar Master of the house, Augustin Chapeau. What makes it even more special is that this started life in the personal vineyards of Madame Martell.

The other three that make up the mix are not too shabby in the age stakes either, dating from between 1911 to 1920.

Martell have cleverly presented this one off in a simplistic and traditional style bottle. But the case that cradles the bottle is the real work of art. The design of this has taken over four years to come to fruition, with craftspeople from Les Grande Ateliers de France responsible for the end product.

Martell Metaphore: A unique one-off Cognac expression

Inspired by the terroir and landscape of the Cognac region, cabinet maker, Thierry Drevelle, has used his artistic license to reflect the geographical peaks and troughs of the Grande Champagne countryside. He says of his result that it’s “A design that embodies the house’s values between earth and sky, oak and time”.

There are even tasting notes for this one off blend. Martell say it’s “A refined and intense Cognac with notes of red fruits, almonds, and pecans”. Although we imagine we’ll just have to take their word for that.

Or will we…? Well, not us, specifically, but one lucky person. Because the Martell Metaphore is for sale, with a recommended price tag of $40,000 US dollars. No doubt it’ll be snapped up by a collector, and take pride of place for whoever is fortunate enough to own it. So, if that person happens to be you, then please let Cognac Expert know what you think of your new purchase.

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Martell Metaphore: A unique one-off Cognac expression

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