Just arrived at the Chateau de Chanteloup! And what have we here? A new Martell product which is about to be launched right now in China.

Martell Chanteloup

Yes, it’s all new – and you might read it here first.

Chanteloup Martell Perspective Extra

Martell Chanteloup Perspective is an Extra Cognac, dominated by Borderies eaux-de-vie. A blend with Borderies, Grande and Petite Champagne, such as Fins Bois.

Chanteloup Perspective Extra Cognac

The taste goes more into the Cordon Bleu direction. The age quality is Extra and the price tag is about the double of Martell’s Extra: Around € 300.

New Chanteloup Perspective Extra Cognac

The cognac comes in the typical Martell shape, with a nice reference to a gate with the three hammers of Chateau de Chanteloup, the cognac houses’ castle, close to the town of cognac.

We’ll give you a Martell Chanteloup Perspective review very soon.

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New Martell Chanteloup Perspective Extra Cognac: Premiere Tasting

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  1. Avatar

    I would like to buy assorted Martel XO (carton).
    It has to be shipped to Toronto, Canada.
    Can you do it

  2. Avatar

    Dear Roman, unfortunately we aren’t able to offer shipment to Canada at the moment but we’re working on it. Kind regards, cognac-expert.com

  3. Avatar

    I would like to purchase at least one of these bottles or more immediately. Are they currently available . I’m new to your site and hope to become a regular buyer in the future. Thank you for your efforts in bringing high quality cognacs to the league of connisuers and collectors around the world.

  4. Avatar

    Hello Sebastian,
    I’m interested in this bottle and have not yet seen it has sold. Could you let me know the price you are asking. Hopefully it is still available but due to the time between the time it was listed and now, perhaps it’s no longer available. Thank you for your time in responding to my inquiries.

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