Martell has launched a new Cognac and it’s called Martell Caractere. It’s a new blend that will only be available in the United States, only in California (only god knows why). The bottle is a reference to the company’s founder Jean Martell.

New Cognac by Martell is called Caractère

The Cognac is to be consumed on the rocks or in a cocktail – we knew this was coming. So we’d assume this is a younger cognac – the label doesn’t read what quality or age this cognac has: is it a VS or a VSOP? And here are the first images of the packaging.

Martell calls this cognac “bold”, but still balanced. We’d say it’s the brand‘s answer to mixable cognacs of competitors, looks pretty much to the US answer to Remy Martin’s Centaure. What’s the price of Martell Caractere and where exactly can you buy the bottle? We do not know yet how much it costs but we’ll find out soon!


Apparently the cognac is created in a unique way, distilled differently. And the other unique thing about this Cognac is that the grapes used for this brandy come from the house’s own vineyards at Domaine Jean Martell. Created by Martell’s master blender Benoit Fil, the cognac offers notes of “citrus, tangerine peel, cinnamon and clove provide superb structure.”

Martell Caractere

The launch included the premiere of a short film, created by Andy Garcia and showing the journey of Mambo music pioneer Israel “Cachao” Lopez. The complete film will be released in February 2014.

“The way Jean Martell’s bold and visionary nature was described to me reminded me of my relationship with Israel ‘Cachao’ Lopez, the inventor of the mambo,” said Andy Garcia. “Both men had a dedication to their passion, pursued their dreams and embody the values Icons of Caractere wants to convey.”

Find out more about the brand Martell and Martell Caractere 

Images: Martell

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Martell Launches Martell Caractere Cognac (Video)

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    Suggested price $34.99 “The result is a refined blend of elegant taste, revealing a generous character and subtle fruity notes that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in the finest cocktails. Martell Caractere’s distinct tasting notes of citrus, tangerine peel, cinnamon and clove provide superb structure.”

    Maybe this will compete with Hennessy Black, younger and non-cognac drinkers.

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    As of 10.29.13, only price listing on Wine-searcher (not Pro) is Wally’s for $49.99. So much for MSRP these days when it comes to retail pricing limited editions.

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