As we all know, great relationships are forged and grow strong by each party providing their own unique addition to the union.  So when we heard about the alliance between Hine Cognac and Glenfarclas Scotch Whisky and their plans for the future, then we think you’ll agree that this is one relationship that has a good chance of standing the test of time.

Hine & Glenfarclas

Hine Cognac and Glenfarclas ‘met’ thanks to their joint UK agent – Pol Roger Portfolio – and their communications agency, Patricia Parnell.  As a part of their mutual alliance, the two spirit producers plan to each send the other an empty cask.  The whisky cask will be filled with cognac and aged in Hine’s cellars, and the cognac cask filled with scotch and aged in the Glenfarclas cellars.

Then, in 12 years’ time, planned to coincide with the retirement of Hine’s cellar master, Eric Forget, the two spirits will be bottled and sold together as combined cognac/scotch package.

In addition to these future plans, Glenfarclas have just released a 43 year old Cognac Cask Malt, which is available to purchase now.

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The Marriage of Hine Cognac & Glenfarclas Scotch

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