There’s nothing better than a night or two spent living it up in a luxury hotel. From beautiful surroundings to sumptuous dining, goose down pillows to staff at your beck and call – who doesn’t love being pampered once in a while. And as we all know, the best of hotels often provide a ‘turndown’ service, leaving a little surprise gift on your pillow to enjoy when you return to your room in the small hours.

Traditionally, this gift might range from a small chocolate, rose petals, or even a spray scent that helps you relax into an unencumbered night’s sleep.

So we were delighted to come across a hotel in Portland, Oregon, that’s decided to take a slightly different view on the turndown gift provided to guests; and no surprise for guessing that this is all about a cognac nightcap.

The boutique River Place Hotel, has decided to do away with the chocolate theme, and instead provides guests with an evening shot of cognac, complete with a snifter glass and an elegant card. Here, guests can wind down after an evening of celebration with a miniature bottle of Courvoisier VS Cognac – and we have to say, we highly approve.

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Of course, in the (very) unlikely event that this little gift doesn’t appeal, then you could always book a night at La Cantera Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Texas, where you can expect to receive a miniature ‘worry doll’ on your pillow at night.


The legend behind these tiny dolls comes from Guatemala. If you have a problem, simply tell it to the doll before you go to sleep, place it beneath your pillow and the story goes that you’ll then enjoy a good night’s sleep free from whatever it is that’s bothering you.

A nice gesture, we have to say. But we’d prefer the gift of cognac, if it’s all the same to you…

Read more about Courvoisier Cognac here.



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