Yes, and again we are reporting about Cognac Conjure. Why? Because Kim Birkedal-Hartmann and Ludacris really give a major marketing lesson when it comes to positioning a new cognac in the US.  The Cognac just received a 92 rating at Wine Enthusiast, while Ludacris does not get tired of promoting the french blend.

See a video below about a signing session in a liqour store, and at the bottom of the page – see a new interview with the rapper on his business projects.

Conjure Cognac ranked 92 by Wine Enthusiast Advance Buying Guide beating Remy Martin and Courvoisier and other well known brands.

Ludacris and Kim Birkedal-Hartmann

Conjure Cognac got a 92 ranking ahead of Cognac’s like Camus Xo Elegance (89), Landy VSOP (89), Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal A.O.C (90), Courvoisier Exclusif (90), and Camus Borderies XO (90). Courvoiser VSOP received the same score we did (92). There are a bunch of Cognac’s which received a higher score between 93 and 96, but all of them are priced between $145 and $42.

“Conjure, the Anti-Snob Cognac”

Here is what Wine Enthusiast wrote:

92 Conjure Cognac (Birkedal Hartmann, Jarnac, Cognac, France), 40% abv, $30. This is an anti-snob Cognac, accessible, affordable and straightforward. The amber-orange liquid is fragrant with nuts and a touch of orange, with dark chocolate undertones. The flavors are relatively sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, with notes of honey and bitter almond. It finishes a little hot, but with a lingering caramel tone. Mellow and mouthwatering with a thick, slightly syrupy feel. It would be great in a Sidecar or other cocktails.

Here you find a video interview with Ludacris about his cognac business:

Source: Wine Enthusiast

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Ludacris promotes

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