Here comes a Louis XIII bottle: Louis Xlll Grande Champagne Very Old Age Unkown. The bottle is located in in a safe Quebec City/Canada. “My father gave it to my mother in 1951 after he found it at his work station.
After i’ve made some research i could explain and tell the story of this bottle and to who it was for, you will be able to read it on the 3 rd pictures.”

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Louis Xlll Grande Champagne Age Unkown in Canada

The bottle in front red drapes.

The label reads: Grande Champagne Louis X age unknown we have this bottle since 1951 it was for the Queens coronation issued in 1952.
numbers under the bottle 74Y, i also made the story about the bottle came to Canada by boat and what was the final destination. It also have the Great Britain color as a sealer cord.

Tax labels, revenue, signs or similar: the bottle never saw the daylight, In 1994 Remy Martin Co. has made some expertise of this bottle, he value the quality, and the produce colors as a very good products.
He send me by fax the confirmation about the quality of the cognac and the bottle condition.

Louis Xlll Grande Champagne Age Unkown in Canada

white background

How has the bottle been stored:

  • In a dry place
  • Up-right standing

Some more information about the bottle:

  • Cork seems to be dry
Louis Xlll Grande Champagne Age Unkown in Canada

the story of this bottle

The level of the cognac: High shoulder or top shoulder: the level of cognac has reached the upper curve of the shoulder

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Louis Xlll Grande Champagne Age Unkown in Canada

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  1. Avatar

    Do you have the box and stopper?
    The box should be either a wicker basket, a red velvet box or a green velvet box. Most likely the wicker basket because of the square label. Bottle in the boxes typically have bean-shaped labels.
    Age can be determined more precisely by the engraved bottom of the bottle.
    Made in France by St Louis – before 1936
    Made in France by Baccarat – No Logo – 1936-1940
    Made in France by Baccarat – Logo – post WW2
    Without box it is worth $1,400-$1,700 depending on age and even more if it is from before WW2.
    With box and stopper it is worth $2,200-$3,000
    Contact me if you are interested in selling.

  2. Avatar

    Just a reminder:
    My firm offer is US$2,000 without box and OVER US$2,500 with box. To find out how much over $2,500 I need photo of box. Please let me know if interested. I may be able to arrange local pick-up in Quebec City.

  3. Avatar

    It has been stored in cool dark place, standing upright in red oval case. Red oval case has gold ribbon on it. Bottom of case says
    Remy Martin – Cognac brandy – 80 proof – 4/5 quart – imported by renfield importers Ltd. – Union – N.J. – Made in france.
    I will try to takes pictures and send them. (I have tried before unsuccessfully )

  4. Avatar

    Sebastian: No response from this poster? (Not Jeanne who posted on another thread also) but the original Canadian poster with the older Louis XIII bottle? Maybe send him a reminder to check in once in a while.

  5. Avatar

    I will offer 2600 usd if with box. Without 2300usd let me know if u are interested

  6. Avatar

    I offer $2650 if it comes with the box, stopper and paperwork.

  7. Avatar

    This bottle is a newer “Age Inconnu” from the Baccarat logo and high serial number 778 or 718 (Serial numbers were assigned on a yearly basis but early years had less than 200 bottle runs)
    I bought the exact same bottle (No. 316) in a beige case with stopper for $2,400 in February.
    I believe it is from 1961 or 1962.
    This one is without stopper and box and has two broken fins. I will offer $1,500.

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