Four successive master craftsmen, the blend of over one thousand different eaux-de-vie produced from the finest century-old Grande Champagne, and a crystal carafe inspired by a metal gourd war relic can only mean one thing; Rémy Martin Louis XIII.

From the Shadows of the Cellar - Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII

With an unmistakable myriad of colours, ranging from gentle golden sparkles to deep mahogany to flaming reds, Louis XIII is a kaleidoscope of beauty to behold.  The centuries old oak tierçons in which the nectar is aged infuse the liquid with an intense flavour that lingers tantalisingly on the palate; the richness of which is spiced up with tones of nutmeg and ginger and delicately lined with a hint of iris.  If paradise could be summed up in one sip, this must surely be it.

Waxing lyrical aside – Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII has over the years firmly carved its place in the most luxurious of the world’s surroundings.  Touching the four corners of the globe, Louis XIII represents the ultimate in sophistication.

Rémy Martin

Of course, such a liquid delight doesn’t come about by chance, and every single glass of Louis XIII is the product of several generations of love, craftsmanship and dedication by those who produce it.  From André Renaud, the Chairman and cellar master of the House of Rémy Martin in 1924, through to the current Cellar Master, Pierrette Trichet, each has dedicated their careers to providing the most wonderful of blends.

Of course, we can’t finish without mentioning André Giraud who was cellar master from 1960, and Georges Clot who reigned from 1990 to 2003.  For without their expertise Louis XIII would not be the crystal encased masterpiece which it is today.

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From the Shadows of the Cellar - Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII

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    tastes fantastic, but there are so many other fabulous cognacs, too, just think of l’essence de courvoisier, richard hennessy or the stunning rabelais 1888 from frapin; it’s the same with champagne: some people would say dom perignon, krug, cristal or even armand de brignac is the best champagne, others would go for e.g. selosse, leclapart, or vilmart.

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