Cognac is big business, and it should come as no surprise to hear that another major player is looking to acquire the house of Louis Royer.

Emparador, the largest producer of liquor in the Philippines, is set to further increase it’s global presence.   The business has already purchased some Spanish vineyards and a Scottish whisky producer, and now it wants a cognac house.  The distiller has said in a disclosure to the Manila Stock Exchange that, “it has expressed interest to participate in a bidding process for the acquisition of Louis Royer SAS”.



Currently owed by Suntory, Emparador is to submit a preliminary offer for the cognac house by May 13, 2015.

So who are Emparador, and what do we know about them?  Well, the company was orginally a brandy producer, but over the past few years has began to expand into other spirit markets.  The company is in a healthy state, being debt free and in a strong financial position.  It’s owned by the Alliance Global Group, a Philippine company with fingers in many pies – including fast food restaurants, gaming, resorts, and real estate, as well as liquor.  The group as a whole in the control of the fourth richest man in the Philippines, Andrew Tan.


The expansion of Emparador saw them purchase the Scottish whisky brand, Whyte and Mackay last year for $726 million, half of the Spanish brandy producer, Bodega Las Copas (for $82 million), brandy stocks and Spanish vineyards.

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Will Louis Royer Cognac go to the Philippines?

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