Do you know your ‘bounce’ from your ‘dip,’ or your ‘ crib’ from your ‘hood?’

It’s okay, we haven’t gone totally off the rails, because we’re referring to common slang terms that are used in hip hop and rap music (and yes – we had to look them up as well…)

But that’s beside the point, because liquor – and cognac in particular – is something that many hip hop artists name drops into their lyrics.  It seems that if you’re ‘gonna’ be anyone in the music scene, you’ve ‘gotta’ have a brand of ‘juice’ going on in your lyrics…

However, all joking aside because many cognac brands have a lot to thank the hip-hop scene for.  A classic example of this is Courvoisier, being once a not quite so household name (at least for the younger generation) until Busta Rhymes sent the brand blasting into psyche of millions of new fans with his track ‘ Pass the Courvoisier.’

Remy Martin has Notorious B.I.G. (yes, that is a name) who waxed lyrical with “When the Remy’s in the system, ain’t no tellin.”  And Hennessy, well they’ve partnered with hip-hop legend, Nas, to bring their brand to the fore with the new generation of cognac drinkers.

So, what are the top brands when it comes to hip hop?  Well, the following infographic by complex shows the drinks that the coolest in music are dropping into their lyrics.  From names such as Will Smith, Eminem, Jay-Z and Dr Dre, it appears that the winning brands are the likes of Hennessy, Remy, Cristal (champagne), Grey Goose (vodka), Bacardi and such.


Of course there is a kind of a big mistake in this infographic: Ludacris did mention one brand in particular – many times – more often than “Hennessy”.. which would be Conjure Cognac.


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When Music Meets Liquor: What are the Top Brands in Rap History? (Infographic)

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