This year’s Part des Anges Cognac auction is due to take place on the eve of 20th September 2012 at the Château Chesnel, Cherves-Richemont, where the line up of cognacs on offer is ramping up to make this year’s event an outstanding one.

The cognacs (vintages, family reserves, limited editions etc. etc.) on offer are some of the finest examples that appeal to both connoisseurs and collectors alike, and each year both the audience and bids get larger and larger. All the major cognac players participate in this exclusive auction: From A. de Fussigny, Martell to Hine..


Since its inauguration in 2006, La Part des Anges charity cognac auction has provided many worthwhile causes with its proceeds.  And this year the proceeds will be once again going to the ‘Ordre de Malte’ and other local charities.

The Ordre de Malte is the world’s oldest charitable institution, and its aims are to provide health related care to the sick and needy, with no exclusion because of their origin.

So, what cognac delicacies are on offer this year?  Will any of them whet your appetite?  Here’s a list that will make any cognac lover lick their lips with longing.  There are some great ones on offer, that’s for sure.
Courvoisier Edward VII Reserve Cognacin an Art Nouveau crystal decanter, this blend of cognacs aging back to the late 1800s has been produced in a very limited run of 50 units.  This is the very first one to go on sale.  Estimate: €4,500

Courvoisier cognac
Louis Royer Cognac Grande Champagne Royal Reserve Cognac – a 37 year old, single barrel delicacy.  Estimate: €750
Hardy Caryota / Privilège Cognac Set – A twin set created by Hardy Cognac specifically for this event, consisting of a pre WWII Grande Champagne Hardy Cognac and a Lalique Crystal decanter designed by Marie-Claude Lalique.  This is number 0 in a limited run of 333 sets.  Estimate: €4,000
Chateau de Montifaud Millésime 1972 Cognac – exclusively produced for this auction.  Estimate: €750
Frapin Baccarat Royal Eagle Cognac – A Grande Champagne cognac presented in a stunning Baccarat crystal bottle from the personal Frapin collection.  Estimate: €6,500
Frapin cognac
Meukow Nec Plus Ultra Cognac – Also known as simply NPU, this cognac is presented in a Baccarat crystal decanter and jewel box.  It also comes with a guest book of the Meukow 150th anniversary party and signed by distributors, importers and worldwide partners.  Estimate: €1,500
Leyrat Sharing Cognac – Copy number #1 of this limited edition run of 52 crystal decanters.  Estimate: €5,200
Delamain 1972 Cognac – The very first bottle of a 40 year old, single cask, Grande Champagne cognac.  Estimate: €800
Pierre Ferrand Memorable Cognac – A unique bottle; a unique cognac.  Consisting of a blend of three of the oldest of the house’s Grande Champagne cognacs, including the vintage year of 1914.  Presented in a one of a kind, hand blown bottle from the 18th century.  Estimate: €3,000
Hine Monnet Extra Capiello Collector Cognac – This one off, hand painted bottle dates back to the 1960s and was found in the Hine Cognac archives.  Presented in an elegant Elle Bleu cigar humidor.  Estimate: €3,000
Remy Martin Historical Blend Extra Porcelain Cognac – A fine champagne eaux-de-vie presented in a rare, 1987, porcelain decanter.  Estimate: €5,000
REMY-MARTIN-Historical-Blend Extra-Porcelain
Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac – Centenary Edition Presentation Box – produced from a batch that was incorporated into the Cordon Bleu reserve on August 02, 1912.  Estimate: €3,500
La Part des Anges 2012 - Charity Auction of Exceptional Cognacs
DupuyBache Gabrielsen Borderies Vintage 1971 Cognac – A single estate eau-de-vie from the cellars of Bache Gabrielsen.  Estimate: €1,400
A.E. Dor Limited Vieille Réserve – N° 9 and N° 10 Cognacs – This pair of extremely limited edition cognacs are from the Grande Champagne region.  Estimate: €1,750
La Part des Anges 2012 - Charity Auction of Exceptional Cognacs
Braastad Stetangen Cognac – Produced specifically for this auction and made to honour the country of its heritage – Norway.  A blend of the best eaux-de-vies Richard Braastad inherited from his grandfather, and presented in a unique Hadeland Norwegian glassware decanter.  Estimate: €1,600
Prince Hubert de Polignac 888 Trunk Cognac – An assignation between the cognac house and T.T.Trunks has produced an uber-trendy ‘cognac and poker trunk.’  Containing a Grande Champagne cognac from the depths of Prince Hubert de Polignac’s cellars, this is the epitome of luxury.  Estimate: €9,000
Hennessy Réserve Spéciale Cognac – Created by the legendary Yann Fillioux, this extra old blend from the depths of Hennessy’s cellars is presented in a Baccarat crystal decanter.  Estimate: €8,000
Leopold Gourmel Petite Champagne 1972 Cognac – A light, delicate and balanced cognac so typical of the Petite Champagne region.  Estimate: €275
Normandin Mercier La Péraudière Cognac – A Grande Champagne cognac created to celebrate the house’s 150th anniversary.  Estimate: €100
Otard Exception – La Part des Anges Cognac – A secret blend created from the houses most prized eaux-de-vies and produced specifically for the auction.  Estimate: €1,800
A. de Fussigny Vintage 1970 Cognac – An eaux-de-vie consisting of Petite Champagnes from the vintage year of 1970.  Estimate: €405
ABK6 Family Cognac – Number 1 of a limited edition of 27, this is a cognac dedicated to the ABK6 high regard towards family.  Estimate: €4,800
Camus Cuvée 2.105 – Family Legacy – N° 1228 / 1228 Cognac – The latest offering from the Camus Masterpiece Collection.  A blend of two Grande Champagne cognacs – one 65 years old and the other 40 years old.  Presented in a Baccarat Crystal decanter designed by Serge Mansau.  Estimate: €3,800
Godet War Treasury Cognac – One of a forgotten stock that was hidden from the Nazis in WWII.  Estimate: €2,700
La Cognatheque Private Collection: Millésime 1840 Pinet Castillon Cognac – One of La Cognatheques oldest millésimes brought out specifically for this auction.  Estimate: €3,500
De Luze Extra Single Barrel Finish Grande Champagne Cognac – One of a limited edition of only 500 bottles.  Estimate: €1,050


Wow. What a list of premium cognacs. Let’s see how this year’s auction goes.

Photo Credits © BNIC / Albane de Roffignac 

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La Part des Anges 2012 - Charity Auction of Exceptional Cognacs

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    Jerome Lim

    Whats the auction price for CHATEAU DE FONTPINOT GRANDE FINE CHAMPAGNE COGNAC, still in its original box?. I AM ON THE ISLAND OF BORNEO formerly British North Borneo… It has been in my family for the last 35+ years. I also have others but will ask later.

    Thanks you

    Jerome Lim

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