For those who adore discovering new artisan Cognacs, then the new partnership between William Grant & Sons and Jean-Sebastien Robicquet’s La Guilde du Cognac is going to make you very happy.

As our regular readers will know, Cognac Expert loves to champion the small, the craft, and the artisan Cognacs that often fall well below the radar of the power of the big producers. And the reason we do so is simple; we honestly do think that small is beautiful, and leads to the discovery of some outstanding Cognacs that represent extraordinary value for money. Plus who can fail to love a bottle with a tale to tell, not to mention knowing that everything about it was lovingly crafted by hand?

La Guilde du Cognac goes global

The concept of Jean-Sebastien Robicquet and La Guilde du Cognac takes this one step further. The ethos of this collection is to highlight a unique collection of high quality Cognacs, each defined by a vintage, a village, the terroir, and an artisan distiller. Back in the middle ages such guilds existed, and now Robicquet and his team are bringing this approach back to life.

The Cognacs in the range have been available in France, Spain, and Portugal since May 2017. And, of course, also offered worldwide through Cognac Expert. And now this partnership with independent family distiller, William Grant & Sons will take this one step further, bringing the Cognacs of La Guilde to a much wider, global audience.

Award winning Cognacs

It might be a relatively new concept, but the initial four Cognacs offered by La Guilde have certainly taken the industry by storm. All four were entered in the 2018 San Francisco Spirits Competition. And all four were medal winners.

La Guilde Cherves Richemont Borderies 2010 – Double Gold Medal winner

La Guilde Saint Preuil Grande Champagne XO – Double Gold Medal winner

La Guilde Saint Germain de Vibrac Petite Champagne – Gold Medal winner

La Guilde Lorignac Fins Bois 2011 – Silver Medal winner

Discover more about each of these delightful XO quality Cognacs in our online shop. And, of course, buy and have them safely shipped direct to your door, wherever you might live in the world.

An exciting concept, with more on the way

This partnership between William Grant & Sons and Jean-Sebastien Robicquet has all the potential to be the start of something really exciting for the Cognac connoisseur. Robicquet founded the house of Villevert in 2001, and was crowned Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 by French newspaper, Charente Libre. He’s a true expert on everything to do with wine, spirits, and Cognac, and has focused his efforts exclusively on premium spirits. For example, he’s the brains behind, G’Vine, Excellia Tequila, and La Quintinye Royal Vermouth.

With La Guilde du Cognac he’s dedicated to bringing us hidden treasures that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Each Cognac offered has only been produced in very limited quantities, and has been chosen as an outstanding representation of its terroir, year, and artisan creator.

We’ll wait with baited breath to see what other delights will be on offer in the future.

Discover more about the delicious selection from La Guilde du Cognac.

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