Kim Birkedal Hartmann, owner of the cognac house Birkedal-Hartmann, has joined the board of directors of Millennium Prime (MLMN).  The company, who specialise in the innovation of luxury brands for the millennium generation, welcome the 35 years of international wine and spirit experience he brings to the table.

Kim Birkedal Hartmann

In a common agreement, Birkedal Hartmann AS, announced that Mr Kim Birkedal Hartmann has resigned from all responsibilities and duties in the Birkedal Hartmann Group and at the same time Kim Birkedal Hartmann will step down as Co- CEO and board member of Conjure LTD UK .

Kim Birkedal Hartmann and Birkedal Hartmann AS will continue to support each other and to cooperate within the cognac industry. Mr. Birkedal Hartmann is a fourth-generation wine and spirits producer out of France. He will take over the rights worldwide for Birkedal Hartmann and will continue promoting his brands from his Jarnac and Bordeaux bases.

Along with his cognac house, Mr Birkedal Hartmann has also been the Norwegian Vice-Consular in Bordeaux for 25 years, is on the board of directors for many other companies in the wine and spirit industry and is the founder of Conjure cognac in association with Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges.

The Birkedal Hartmann AS Birkedal Hartmann Norway AS was the holding company of the group with Branded Wines AS, Vino AS, and Conjure UK Ltd (shared ownership with Bridges Infinity Cognac in the US). Conjure sold approximately 600 000 bottles in the US in 2010.

Birkedal Hartmann Norway AS will change name shortly and a new name will be communicated at a later point.

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Kim Birkedal Hartmann Joins Millennium Prime

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