Here comes a J&F Martell Very Old Pale bottle from a reader and it is for sale.

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.

Martell Bottle J&F

A “pure grape brandy” by J&F Martell.

Martell Cognac Bottle J&F


The bottle was left to the seller who was going to drink it “but a friend saw it and said it is very old and will be worth quite a lot so I contacted and so it is now up for sale”.

Bottleneck Martell 3 Star Bottle

This cognac bottle is for sale.
Our reader would like to get offers for this bottle. If you are interested in buying this bottle please send your offer to

[email protected]
10 days left to send your offer. Ends February 4th 2012.


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J&F Martell Three Star VOP Cognac for Sale

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    Have one bottle of martell cordon bleu about 1965 never ben open the jos garneau co new york. n. y.

  2. Avatar

    if you have a bottle(s) that you would like to sell please let us know

  3. Avatar

    If you have a Martell bottle you would like to sell please let me know

  4. Avatar

    Love to buy martell any for sale
    Best regrad

  5. Avatar

    Is it a clear glass straight bottle with a white label/blue text?
    Do you have the box for it? What type of cork/seal? Good liquid level?
    If truly 1965 I will pay minimum $375 for it. Up to $550 for some types with box.
    Please post photos or contact me through Sebastian.

  6. Avatar

    Hi Michael
    It appears that you have som good knowledge on Martell bottles.
    Can we get intouch, i have som questions about different Martell bottles that i hope you can answer
    Sebastion, can you arrange contact ?


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    I have several boxed bottles(quarts)of Martell 3 star Cognac that I may be interested in selling.Pictures can be provided.Boxes in excellent condition.Jim

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    Deb Figoni

    I have an old, sealed bottle I would like to sell.

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    M Woulfe

    I have a Very Old Pale J.&F.Martell Cognac bottle 1st May 1909, 3 white star label on neck and label on body of bottle in excellent considering the age. Seal is intact, some evaporation, to top of label on body of bottle. Comes with another bottle with no label, seal worn but intact, no label on second also 2nd bottle different shape, smaller longer neck.

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    Katja (

    Hey there!
    If you like to sell your Coganc, please have a look at our auction section. The process would include an estimation of your bottle´s value by our experts. For further questions, please have a look at our auction FAQ.

    Thank you!

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