Here comes a very rare Napoleon brandy from the year of 1865, bottled back in the 19th century: A Jérôme Napoléon Cognac Fine Champagne 1865. Sweet!

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Jérôme Napoleon Cognac Fine Champagne 1865

Jerome Napoleon Cognac 1865

Jerome Napoleon Cognac Fine Champagne 1865
contents 3/4 of a quart
Alcoholic Strength 84 proof
(A shield with a bird of prey with a crown above)
Shipped By Jerome & Co.
Cognac- France
Product of France

The label reads: Bottled in Cognac and guaranteed by the official certificate ” Acquit Regional ” to be PURE GRAPE BRANDY from the Cognac district, distilled under the control of the FRENCH AUTHORITIES

“The bottle was a gift to my father in the mid 1960’s from a long time employee who found a hidden bootleg cellar while demolishing an old victorian home. I received the bottle from my father. I have it boxed in the cellar in Indianapolis, In.”

Jérôme Napoleon Cognac Fine Champagne 1865

1865 Cognac Lable

Our reader would like to sell, so if you’d like to buy (you might be a collector), please comment below.

If you have a similar bottle or any knowledge about this cognac, please let us know.


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Jérôme Napoleon Cognac Fine Champagne 1865

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    if this bottle is sealed and you would like to sell it please give us more information

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    Hi, If you would like to sell your bottle I would be interested in buying.
    Please anyone having bottles you would like to sell feel free to contact me.
    Kind regards,

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    contact me at XXX-XXX-XXX or [email protected] (Comment by the admin: Hi James, new policy here at We learned that too many collectors and buyers are not fair with asking prices etc. so we want to improve the environment of this marketplace and make it more transparent and democratic).

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    Michael Riemerschmid

    if bottle full and sealed I am interested in buying it..thank you..Michael

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