A collaboration of old and new has provided the world with a new creation: The Martell Amber Lamp.  Taking the wealth of experience of the oldest of the cognac houses – Martell – and adding to it the genius of Jean Nouvel, one of the world’s leading modern architects, The Martell Amber Lamp is a wonderful symbol and design which represents both light, and the rich, warm, amber shades of eaux-de-vie.

Martell Lamp Design

The lamp has been created as a tribute to Martell Cognac, and Jean Nouvel has allowed his creative juices to flow freely to come up with not just a light, but a crafted and unique sculpture from which emits endless pulses of amber coloured light, evoking memories of a firelight cognac tasting session.  For this is one of Jean Nouvel’s trademark talents; the clever use of light in his creations; a feast for the eyes so intense that you can almost taste it.  He was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 2008 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the world of architecture, and he is the name behind some of the world’s most famous buildings, including the 2010 Pavillion of the Serpentine Gallery in London.

The Martell Amber Lamp is lovingly created in France, and with the adjustable metal stem artfully hiding the electrics within, it can be adjusted to a height ranging from 75cm to 3.3 metres.

This is not the first time that Martell has been associated with the art world.  Indeed, Martell is known for its close links with art – and architecture in particular.  They have had various bespoke bottles and glasses created by such leading names as Serge Mansau – the glass sculptor, Andree Puman – the interior designer and Paul Andrew – the architect.

Martell also put their considerable weight into supporting the best of the talent which the art world has to offer, being heavily involved in events such as ‘Martell Artists of the Year,’ and ‘Arts for the World’ as Shanghai’s Expo 2010.  Martell is also a patron of the Chateau de Versailles and has supported the recent restoration of the Grand Couvert Antechamber.

Only fifty of the Martell Amber lamps will be produced.  They will be exhibited at various, select, worldwide locations such as art galleries and museums.  Of course, one of these will be on display at Martell’s Chateau de Chanteloup in Cognac.

Sources: Martell

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Jean Nouvel's Creation: The Amber Lamp for Martell

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