Jean-Dominique Andreu has resigned from his position as president of A. de Fussigny Cognac – although the circumstances of his departure remain a mystery.

In an email to colleagues he declined to explain why he was standing down, simply apologising and highlighting the winning strategy of the company over the past four years.  He said, “From zero cases in 2009, we managed to reach 20,000 cases in 2012 through distribution networks in forty-five countries,” – which is definitely an excellent achievement by anyone’s standards.

Prior to working with A. de Fussigny, Mr Andreu had a somewhat stormy episode with the house of Cognac Ferrand.  He then stepped up to the challenge of taking on the abandoned label of A. de Fussigny Cognac with his business partner, Patrick Giudicelli.  The pair becoming joint shareholders with Aroma, a big player in the Russian wine and spirit distribution market.

President of A. de Fussigny Resigns

Already in 2006, forbes reported about the history of Pierre Ferrand:  “Jean Dominique Andreu and Alexandre Gabriel were business school classmates at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris with hardly a whiff of knowledge about cognac when they agreed to meet a tiny French distiller whose owner needed help running his company.”
“With no money for advertising, the two entrepreneurs relied on converts like Emeril’s restaurant owner Emeril Lagasse and Jean-Georges Vongerichten to convince distributors they were for real. They also tracked down wine critic Robert Parker to his home in Maryland. Parker wasn’t at home, but he wrote a nice review about the bottle they left on his doorstep.” (Forbes, 2006)
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President of A. de Fussigny Resigns

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